The “Tesla of Cannabis” Greenhouse Technology

Cannabis greenhouses are becoming more and more popular as cannabis becomes recreational. More interesting is the technology around it. We got the det...

In a completely paradigm shifting, revolutionary kind of move, Tantalus Labs announced plans for the grand SunLab. The aim? To create a cannabis Greenhouse Technology, ‘A Bright Sun grown Future’ they said.

This move comes on the heels of a recent statistic that found North America’s energy is being used to cultivate cannabis indoors.

This includes basements, bunkers, closets, attics and a whole list of methodologies and corners to grow weed.

Origins of Tantalus Labs


Public demands and requests alike have been on a steep rise in pursuit of clean and quality product. However, due to federal restrictions and legalization still in progress, people have been forced to resort to closed and undisclosed methods. It’s been rightly said, “Cannabis has been deprived of sunlight for far too long now”. That is where the Tantalus Labs Initiative steps in, founded in 2012 with efforts to enhance the cultivation industry of Cannabis.

The Federal Government, after much debate, allowed the sale of medicinally used Cannabis. Even though they restricted this only to Government endorsed growers and producers all throughout the country.  That’s when our friends at Tantalus Labs set up their fully authorized Greenhouse cultivation plant, SunLabs. With the baseline construction complete with a few touches here and there left. Shipping and sale of their full ‘sun grown’ products could start from 2018 itself, obviously but excitingly enough to mention, that’s just next year.

GreenHouse Technology Sounds All Heavy, But Is It Worth It?


We all have an idea about greenhouse technology, we were taught that in middle-school. For those with a bit leaky memory we are here to clarify. Basically, it will be a building with a transparent roof with sunlight being allowed in. As sunlight is let inside, other gases, the ones necessary for development will be trapped, purposely, inside. This will create a focused and accurate growing environment, a perfectly optimal Ecosystem. This will henceforth allow the plants, specifically their buds to grow faster and to a more sturdier build.

Tesla of Cannabis

An Angel Investor for Tantalus Labs, Canadian Shafin Diamond coined this endeavor as ‘The Tesla of Cannabis’. Tesla, the company behind revolutionizing the car industry through battery driven cars, conserving an abundance of petrol. Sure enough, this new project, SunLabs does seem to impress and on first sight looks the next big thing in the Cannabis industry. Being Eco-friendly along with productive, efficient and best-in-class is something not that easy to accomplish, yet we see that unfolding right here at Tantalus Labs.

Brighter Day for Stoners Everywhere


The premise is great, what will be the conclusion remains to be unseen, and certainly tough to foresee. Whether Tantalus Labs will be able to guide us all ‘out of the shadows and into the light’ remains tantalizingly tough to guess. But the intent is good, approach is better, and results (till now) have been the best.

Our best wishes are firmly with the ‘Tesla of Cannabis’ and we hope to soon check out their line of products straight and fresh out of Greenhouses.

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