Women Grow: Fighting for Inclusion in Cannabis

Everything you need to know about the female organization Women Grow, it's leaders and their active movement to make women part of the cannabis indust...

Denver has risen as home to an encouraging movement in the chapter of feminism and women empowerment in the cannabis industry thanks to Women Grow.

Founder Jane West has been the apex and focal point in spearheading one of the most successful cannabis organizations. Women Grow serves as a “catalyst for women to influence and succeed in the cannabis industry.”

Jane West

With one of the most daring stunts in the history of cannabis and the women-world alike, Jane West took on vaping marijuana live on CNBC. This was a highly applauded staunch move on her part. However, it unfortunately got her fired. That wasn’t the last of Jane though, after that fateful day at CNBC’s Pot-Doc she continued similar advancements in support of marijuana. In fact, she has carried the once small group of professional marijuana women’s networking group, Women Grow, to unprecedented heights and continues to do so.


Women Grow

In the summer of 2014, 70 strong-willed people rallied and continued to take more than 30 cities by storm. Various events and noble initiatives lead to unparalleled success for Women Grow. Even today they hold monthly chapter meetings and yearly summits to amass more than 1,000 female members nationwide.  Denver would never have guessed what the future would hold when they allowed the recreational sale of marijuana in 2014.


Given enough foresight, the marijuana industry seems to be more female supportive than any other.  The absence of any drop of patriarchy is amazingly unique. With many more women in action and setting leadership examples, a revolutionary change is unavoidable.

Women Grow LLC

Women Grow LLC recently held their third ‘Leadership Summit’ in Denver between February 1-3. The event drew thousands upon thousands of women from across the country that directed the surprising amount of successful legalization. Many important issues were discussed and evaluated. Plans for building a national and ambitiously international brand were put into motion. The crowd put more pressure and effort into legalization in even more states. Discussions focused on how to continuing moving at the breakneck speeds they have managed so easily until now.

This movement is a grand opportunity for women to break old traditions. The women in cannabis are unstoppable, doubtlessly for now and for the near future.

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Women Grow: Fighting for Inclusion in Cannabis

Everything you need to know about the female organization Women Grow, it's leaders and their active movement to make women part of the cannabis industry.

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