Weed Delivery Could Be Finally Coming to Colorado

There are hundreds of different delivery services around the world today. The latest one is weed delivery, making it even easier to consume your canna...

Colorado patients may get lifesaving delivery program.

“Netflix and chill” may have a whole new meaning in Colorado, as a new bill has been presented that could make the lives of these mountain town stoners much easier. If this bill goes through, medical and recreational smokers could have their weed delivered right to their front door.

Three Colorado lawmakers, Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, Sen. Tim Neville, R-Littleton, and Rep. Jovan Melton, D-Aurora, brought Senate Bill 192 to the table. Essentially Uber meets Grub Hub for marijuana, the bill would allow for dispensaries to deliver to patients and users over the age of 21 to place their orders through an app. In addition, certain dispensaries will be contracted with approved delivery services, with each driver certified by passing a background check and having a clean driving record and bill of health. All it would take is proof of identification from the non-intoxicated purchaser.


The reason behind it

Rep. Singer presented the bill in hopes of cracking down on marijuana DUIs and the issue with sick patients not being able to reach a dispensary when necessary. Moreover, Singer’s bill even includes a backup plan in the event a major change in federal enforcement were to come at a local or state level.

In what Singer refers to as a “safety valve,” the bill’s phrasing refers to single time transfers of marijuana product from a retail location to a medical dispensary. Meaning, that if a governing body were to put a ban on recreational sales or if there were to be a federal change in laws regarding marijuana in general, any business afflicted could directly transfer product to a dispensary without confiscation or loss.

Other details of the bill gets deep into the nitty gritty of the actual delivery process itself. First of all, some of the points include local law enforcement being unable to prohibit delivery of marijuana (medical or recreational) by licensed individuals. In addition,  the fact that Colorado’s daily purchase limits do apply (two ounces of flower for medical and one ounce for recreational), thorough details of a driver’s route (like product inventory, retail amount and number of drop-off locations) must be provided to the state’s Cannabis Tracking System. That is, that a driver is not allowed more that $3,000 of cannabis products to transport, and that all products must be kept in a secure lockbox inside the vehicle.

A bit of history of weed delivery

SB 192 is modeled after services offered in Oregon, which are regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The state’s home delivery services just launched last month and are not very open to tourists and college students, as deliveries cannot be made to motels, campgrounds, bed & breakfasts or dormitories.

Cannabis delivery services, like the now on-hiatus Weed on Wheels, have existed in Colorado and other states in the past, though on an illegal basis. The former services would act more like similar ones found on Craigslist, where deliveries were provided on a low-key, donation based and non-regulated basis.

Though SB 192 was introduced on Valentine’s Day, it was last active on March 1 when it was officially introduced to the Senate in a hearing and assigned to the Business, Labor & Technology Committee for all action going forward.

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Weed Delivery Could Be Finally Coming to Colorado

There are hundreds of different delivery services around the world today. The latest one is weed delivery, making it even easier to consume your cannabis.

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