Sativa vs. Indica: Learn Their Differences!

Sativa vs. Indica, what are the differences? We have gathered some basic information about the two, and here is what we concluded.

Anyone who’s stopped by a dispensary has heard the question, “Indica or sativa?” You always get the choice, but many don’t understand the real difference between the Sativa vs. Indica. For the sake of your pot-handler’s sanity, we’re here to explain the differences!

A Basic Understanding 

Sativa and indica are the names of specific cannabis plants called strains. This is much like having a moth orchid versus a boat orchid; both are orchids by name but have different properties depending on the type of plant. Marijuana strains are no different. Sativa vs. Indica both have individual, unique properties which contribute to the high each plant produces.  

So what’s each strain like?


 Indica is a strain most commonly associated with the “stereotypical stoner” mantra. It has calming effects, that makes the smoker feel relaxed or euphoric and often induces hunger.  Indica is also most prescribed for those struggling with anxiety, as it can combat sleeplessness and dietary problems. The success of indica medical strains has effectively replaced pharmaceutical medications such as Xanax for many. Indica highs are often described as psychoactive and a body high. Popular indica strains are: Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Harlequin, and Critical Mass. 


Sativa strains are generally described for giving an energetic and creative high. This strain is suggested when the smoker doesn’t wish to feel drowsy throughout the day but seeks the benefits of cannabis. This is considered a cerebral high versus the body high associated with indicas. Sativa plants grow faster and larger than indica, making sativa strains more accessible and easier to grow and sell. Popular sativa strains are: Power Flower, Haze Berry, Sour Diesel, Shining Silver Haze, and Fruit Spirit.


Yes, a hybrid of the two strains is possible! A hybrid is a mixture of the two strains, with one being more dominant than the other. Hybrid strains, often described as “the best of both worlds,” will give you effects (hunger, creativity, anti-anxiety) of both plants. This makes it the perfect solution for those not looking for the upbeat high of sativa but who still want the hunger and antidepressive effects of an indica. According to Leafly, the most popular hybrid strains are Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and White Widow.

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