Here’s Why the DEA is Hiring Cannabis Couriers

The DEA is hiring cannabis couriers, but before you get too excited you might want to read this first to get the inside scoop on the job.

Looking for a new job?

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is looking to hire for weed couriers. before weed enthusiasts get too excited, we’ve got the real scoop on the nitty gritty of the job. Hint: It may not be exactly what you think.

The job ad, posted by the Department of Justice, is looking for employees  interested in “secured transport services”.  More specifically, the transportation of bulk marijuana and other hazardous waste materials. It is not a secret that marijuana is very expensive and transporting it can come with some risks.

What Does The Job Entail

As a weed courier, employees will be working along the Mexican borders. In other words, Texas and Arizona borders, more specifically El Paso and Phoenix, that are known for their huge marijuana seizures. This is as a result from referrals from the US Border Patrol.

The US Border Patrol are in need of assistance. The job entails to pick up the bulk marijuana and bring it to government field houses were it will be tested. This new filling is in fact not the first in a string of drug transportation requests. DEA claims that many of their agents now carry loads of bulk marijuana over hundreds of miles.

How Will This Work?

DEA Cannabis Couriers 1

Diving into the technicalities. The solicitation request outlines the fact that the operations are ‘large-scale’. The trips carrying bulk marijuana needs to be couriered by a minimum requirement of five to eight agents. Therefore, it was only logical that the need of private contractors and other professional teams popped up.

DEA Rules

How do you get hired as a weed courier? The DEA have some basic minimum requirements. First of all, applicants need to be US of America citizens with ages 21 and above of course.

Secondly, applicants have to meet a large number of physical and overall medical demands. The drivers will be loading and unloading bulk packages of Marijuana in the same numbers. Moreover, the heavy cannabis packages are estimated to be from 20 to 60 pounds, mind you the weight is a result of the same amount of Cannabis only.

Lastly, Participants must have some form of military and/or security background. Also, without any spot of past arrests or even convictions. All applicants are also supposed to have firearm licenses and they will be heavily armed.

Dark Day For Drug Cartels and Smugglers For Sure

Want to go legit? If you want to be a part of the process, applicants can apply for the position at the DEA’s official application website here.

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