Cooking With Cannabis: Here are the Nation’s Top Cannabis Chef’s

Cooking with cannabis is sweeping the nation and today's top cannabis chef's make delectable dishes from the green. Meet the nation's top cannabis che...

Cooking with cannabis has evolved from the pot brownies of yesteryear. Today’s top cannabis chef’s make delectable dishes and are building empires in the legal weed space cooking up all sorts of tasty ways to consume your cannabis.

Scott Durrah

Hailed as a master cannabis chef, Denver’s Scott Durrah has taken cooking with cannabis to a superior level.  Sample Durrah’s delectable creations including edibles and smokables at his very own marijuana boutique Simply Pure. In addition, the former serial restaurateur is now running a popular catering company and private cooking class where you can learn how to whip up your own cannabis-infused goodies.

Melissa Parks

Melissa Parks may not actually cook and serve you personally, but she is the co-author of “Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking Cannabis”.  In addition, Parks is a Le Cordon Blue trained chef and specializes in masking marijuana’s flavor so it virtually disappears in her dishes such as Avocado Crab Pasta or Thai-Style Chicken

Jessica Catalano

Jessica Catalano is a culinary instructor so you may be able to sample her food as has Snoop Dogg and other guests have at her private event dinner parties in Colorado.

Catalano considers cannabis an herb just as valuable in the kitchen as basil, sage or rosemary.

In addition, she also served as  judge of the edibles competition at the High Times Cannabis Cup and co-hosted the first ever cannabis pairing dinner during the 2015 Aspen X-Games.

Although, if you’re not fortunate enough to get invited to one of Catalano’s dinner parties, you can follow her directions and cook her cannabis recipes featured in her cookbook “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution”.

Mindy Segal

Creso Labs, Illinois’ largest medical marijuana grower and distributor has partnered with Mindy to create a line of entirely new kinds of edibles. Why Mindy? Maybe it’s because she was Chicago Magazine’s Pastry Chef of The Year or that she won the coveted James Beard Award (whatever that is). Or maybe it’s just because she creates whipped peanut butter milk chocolate and toffee brittle with roasted almonds with an EXACT dosage of 10 mg THC. Regulating the amount of THC in edibles is a very important factor in the continuing spread and popularity of edibles.

Chris Sayegh

Nothing says “expert” like a nickname. Chris, aka “The Herbal Chef” not only has that but is also launching a line of frozen dinners. Brilliant! His dinners are infused with CBD or THC depending on whether your needs are medical or recreational.

Sayegh has partnered with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness for cannabis as medicine with an eight course charity dinner held at L.A.’s LABART space.  Chris started as a molecular biology student at the University of Santa Cruz (where everyone’s minor is Cannabis), before leaving school to cook with some of the best Michelin-starred chefs in Los Angeles.

My question is if edibles are packaged expressly as medicine will they be made to taste like crap? It’s in our old Puritan DNA to believe that if something is good for you it must taste bad.

Jeff The 420 Chef

Jeff The 420 Chef is a triple threat! Not only does he have the nickname, he also goes by only one proper name, Jeff, and if that wasn’t awesome enough, his nickname rhymes! Oh yeah, and he also has a cookbook out with Harper Collins and specializes in creating “tasteless canna oils and cannabutters”. I’ve been told I specialize in “tasteless humor”.

Chris Kilham & Herb Seidel


Chris and Herb are co-contributors to the “Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook”. Known as “The Medicine Hunter,” Chris has written 14 books and serves on the medical advisory board for The Dr. Oz Show. In addition, he works for Naturex, the world’s biggest botanical extraction company and is also a cannabis educator at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Herb has perhaps the best nickname of all; HERB. No, wait, that’s just his real name. He’s a Chicago culinary school trained chef and a healthcare consultant. He cooks cannabis infused cuisine for private clients and at cannabis conventions. Moreover, he hosts a video series titled “Cook With Herb”.

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