Yoga and Weed: Ways They Work Hand in Hand

Yoga and weed are a match in spiritual heaven simultaneously elevating the body and mind. Marijuana has a great deal of impact in meditation as well.

Weed during yoga or as the youth nowadays say, “Ganja Yoga” (High Yoga), is another intriguing uncharted aspect of doing weed right.

Highly controversial among some in the Yoga community, one thing that most individual agrees on is that cannabis helps into pushing mental and physical boundaries while doing Yoga.

With this practice, two of this world’s greatest relaxing and calming practices are united, hence somewhat of caution is recommended.

If your body doesn’t react well to cannabis or doesn’t with Yoga for that matter. You might want to rethink this a bit, and try easing into it step by step. Tapping the full potential of this ‘Dynamic Duo’ can easily convert to being a classic Clash of the Titans. So, make sure your body and mind is ready in the first place to be connected, unlocked and upgraded.

Now let’s move onto the facts that matter, whole lot of them.

High Yoga offers highly notable health benefits


Research has proven that the physical benefits of yoga are multiplied many fold through the use of Marijuana. Stress reduction, pain reduction, lowering of blood-pressure etc. are all bundled with yoga. Cannabis simply helps our body to kind of ‘digest’ these benefits better and quicker. On the other hand, doing Yoga while high can help digest (literally this time) Cannabis more efficiently. That optimal absorption of Cannabis results in further increasing and lengthening the positive effects of CBD ad THC inside our system.

Body & Mind Boost


Simply put, Yoga promises relaxation, bliss and spiritual awareness; Cannabis helps our body react well to these virtues. The blend of a little bit of Cannabis during Yoga might boost the ability of our mind to make meaning out of the ‘vacation’ that is Yoga.  The initial toughness and difficulties of Yoga positions and movements can be significantly eased through the trademark qualities of Cannabis.

Short Term Vs Long Term

We know however great weed’s effects are, they won’t last ‘that’ long, like forever, permanent. But Yoga is something that has the basic benefit of ensuring our physical capacity not only gets a short boost but a long-term improvement. Therefore, people looking for cure of health ailments, like Scoliosis for example, can make great use of this partnership.

Boosting Your Meditation as Well

Reportedly marijuana has a great deal of impact in meditation as well. We know that weed can act as a broadcasting antenna wired directly to our brains. It kind of amplifies the quality and speed of feelings and thoughts inside of our brain. Yoga is an excellent outlet to calm and clean our mind through meditation. And as cannabis also brings a whole lot of the good ‘cleansing’ of the brain with itself, the combination of Weed and Yoga might be the best ‘Joint-Venture’ hitherto unseen.

With all these profits stemming from a pinch of Weed in the recipe of Yoga, it might as well be time you tried it yourself. And after you ‘boost’ your mind & soul with this exercise, don’t forget to ‘boast’ about it in your social circle. Maybe they could also try a bit of the ‘Magic Trick’

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