Weed and Menstrual Cramps: Here Are Some Products to Help

Weed and menstrual cramps is an issue that until lately, has been overlooked by the booming industry. Here are the products that can help ease your pa...

Cannabis has long been used to treat a variety of ailments, from muscle aches to migraines. Now, weed and menstrual cramps. Using cannabis to treat menstrual cramps, on the other hand, is an issue that until lately has been overlooked by the booming industry. Women around the states are now coming out talking about their experience with weed and menstrual cramps. In an article by EliteDaily, the author explains how cannabis has improved her cramps. In addition to pain relief, she also explains feeling more relaxed.

Historically, cannabis has been used to soothe PMS symptoms, in fact for centuries now. Even Queen Victoria famously ate hash candies to help cure her cramps. Nowadays, cannabis products directly targeted towards women are readily available (at least in states where cannabis is legal).

What are these products and how does marijuana aid menstrual issues?

Read on to find out!

Whoopi and Maya


Yes, that is the Whoopi Goldberg we are talking about. The Oscar Award-winning superstar recently joined the ranks of other celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson who have turned their so-called stoner fame into big money in the cannabis industry. Whoopi & Maya offer a variety of products specially designed for women. From a bath soak for muscle aches to a topical cream that uses weed to treat menstrual cramps, this innovative business offers something for every woman.



For women looking to add a little extra pleasure to their lives may want to check out Foria, a line of THC-infused lubricants and vaginal suppositories. These all-natural products will help heighten the senses, offer enhanced stimulation and perhaps even a stronger orgasm.  Foria has also put out a line of THC-infused suppositories that offer…other kinds of relief.

Yummi Karma


Yummi Karma offers several different cannabis-infused tinctures and edibles, but their “Mood Magic” tincture is specially-formulated to ease menstrual cramps and other symptoms of PMS. The product also promotes uterine health.

Moxie Meds

Another CBD brand that has grown popularity due to its targeting towards women is Moxie Meds. Founder and CEO Jessica Peters have created a medical marijuana brand towards women and she says “it’s about time”. She herself suffered from menstrual cramps growing up and could never find something that worked for the pain until she tried CBD.

As the legal weed industry continues to grow,  women-focused cannabis products are expected to rise.

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