Treating Kids with Cannabis

Treating kids with cannabis has been a long controversial debate for a while now, we looked deeper into it and all its many benefits.

Sophie Ryan gives a face to the promises that cannabis can provide in treating kids with serious illnesses. After she was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of nine months, her mother Tracy began a campaign to save her life.

As reported by LA Weekly, Ryan joined an increasing number of parents who are turning to cannabis to help treat their kids for illnesses ranging from cancer to epilepsy. The results spoke for themselves. After a regime of chemotherapy combined with highly concentrated cannabis oil that’s made primarily with CBD with traces of THC, Sophie’s tumor has now lost 95 percent of its mass.

After experiencing difficulties in obtaining the particular cannabis oil needed to treat Sophie, Ryan formed the parent-friendly cannabis collective CannaKids in 2015. They produced this oil called Honey Gold in conjunction with the assistance of a Northern California manufacturer. Even though Holy Gold Cannabis Oil is marketed for kids, this cannabis product has treated over 500 kids and adults suffering from a range of medical conditions.

Ryan continues her advocacy through organizations such as the Cannabis Science Conference (CSS) where she will be the Emcee of CCS’ 2017 conference’s Medical Cannabis Track. Also, CSS founder and president Josh Crossan serves on CannaKids’ advisory board.

Research on Kids and Cannabis

CannaKids plans on expanding their work in exploring cannabis treatments for kids via their new collaboration CURE Pharmaceutical. They entered into a strategic research collaboration with Technion Research and Development Foundation Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, in order to research how different cannabinoid compounds within cannabis strains can be used to treat various subtypes of cancer.

In addition to the preliminary research showing the potential of cannabis as an aid in treating cancer in kids, reports have suggested possible benefits of using cannabis in the treatment of children with autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as other related conditions and debilitating diseases.

Can Cannabis Reduce Seizures in Kids?

According to a National Geographic article, cannabis’ ability to reduce seizures in some kids appears to have softened the federal government’s restrictions on research of their Schedule 1 drug. This piece published in 2015 noted the following results:

“Last year, the FDA approved a clinical trial of Epidiolex, a drug made from cannabidiol (CBD)—one of 85 active chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, in marijuana. The initial findings were promising. After 12 weeks of treatment, 54 percent of patients experienced fewer seizures and 9 percent saw their seizures cease. The trial has already moved to a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.” In addition to controlling seizures, cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties could help in mitigating brain damage caused as a result of seizures.

Cannabis May Help Autistic Kids

According to a 2017 USA Today article, cannabis research in Israel as shown that cannabis helped kids with epilepsy by drastically reducing seizures and improving behavior for those kids who have autism. Right now, one cannot draw premature conditions about using cannabis to treat autism in kids but early signs show many kids have shown significant improvements. For example, “Some no longer hurt themselves or throw tantrums. Some are more communicative. Others were able to return to classes after they had been suspended for behavioral problems.”

Cannabis and Debilitating Diseases in Kids

Early signs indicate that cannabis can work well to help relax muscles, reduce nausea, and mange pain, all symptoms of some debilitating diseases. As noted in the, the childhood diseases that cannabis could help treat include muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, failure to thrive, head trauma, and severe accident or injury.

Moms Advocate to Treat Their Kids with Cannabis

While cannabis continues to gain acceptance as a viable treatment for adults, its use for kids remains controversial. Furthermore, parents can face criminal prosecution should they try to treat their kids with cannabis if they live in a state where cannabis is not legalized even for medical use. For example, a young mother lost custody of her two children for treating one of her kid’s seizures with cannabis.

In addition to CannaKids, other advocacy organizations that have risen up to fight for the right to treat their kid’s illnesses with cannabis include Moms for Medical Marijuana and Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism (MAMMA).

While these groups are based in the United States, this movement has an international focus. Broady reported on mothers forming groups in Latin America to explore ways to combat their respective country’s drug laws so they could treat their kids with cannabis. Also, one can find global advocacy groups like Moms for Marijuana International.

These mothers appear to unite in the common goal to save their kids’ lives through cannabis. They intend to achieve their goals via advocacy, education, and research.

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