Stop Smoking Weed Everyday: Benefits Of A Weed Detox

Actionable guide to help stop smoking weed or quitting smoking weed all together. We give you our pro-tips in this quick guide to weed detox.

Many of us have considered taking a break from smoking weed or to stop smoking weed all together.  Most of us don’t know how to stop smoking weed everyday or what the benefits of quitting smoking are.

Why Quit Smoking Weed?

Smoking weed for recreational or medicinal purposes can have a huge positive impact on your life.  More states are allowing medical marijuana than ever before, and that means more people than ever before are smoking weed.

Even celebrities are opening up about their cannabis use.

Despite all the science to support the positive therapeutic uses for cannabis, there are still many reasons to cut back or stop smoking weed completely, temporarily of course.

  • Give your lungs a break – “Smoker’s cough” doesn’t actually get you higher. Coughing is a sign from your body that it does not want to take in any more smoke. Coughing creates distress to your airway. Give your lungs and heart a break and a chance to recover.
  • Remember where your keys are – Smoking weed can impair short term memory, caused by weakened connections between the neurons in the hippocampus.
  • Improve your mood – Mood and behavioral changes are linked to long-term consumption in some individuals.  Consider stop smoking weed like giving your mind a spring cleaning, and maybe get to some actual spring cleaning while you’re at at.

How To Stop Smoking Weed Everyday

The most important and difficult step is getting started.  While physical dependence on weed has not been observed, it is habit forming and easy to build a dependence on it, both mentally and emotionally.

It is important to recognize this before you start your journey and plan accordingly.

A Game Plan Is Essential to Quitting

In order to effectively execute, you need to have a plan of attack.

Start by understanding the common reasons people give up trying to quit smoking weed and having defense at the ready to combat against them.

  • Anxiety – You may become irritable, anxious or experience other changes in mood when you quit.
    • Combat with: Exercise and Meditation – Both are great ways to release the anxious energy and produce endorphins in the process, which will help elevate your mood.
  • Temptation – You may not be susceptible to peer pressure, but temptation is easy to succumb to if you don’t have a plan
    • Combat with: Temporary Avoidance – We’ve found the best way to resist temptation is to try to avoid it all together, that means a little tactical “ghosting” or avoidance of the people or places you commonly smoke with.
  • Boredom – You may notice you have a lot more spare time and get bored when you stop smoking.
    • Combat with: Replacement Activities – As part of your quit smoking strategy, come up with alternate activities you can do when you feel a string of boredom coming on. Read a book, get a cup of coffee or go for a walk.
  • Cravings – Like temptation, cravings are often brought on by familiar triggers. People, places or things that remind you of smoke and make your brain trigger a craving.
    • Combat with:  CBD – Smoking CBD won’t get you high and has many positive effects, including combating cravings and reducing short-term memory loss.

Benefits of a Weed Detox

The body needs to rest,  especially if you light up every day.

Detoxing consists of avoiding intoxicants, exercising, eating healthy foods, and basically giving your system a chance to clean itself and reach homeostasis. 

The best thing about an occasional weed detox is that you greatly reduce your tolerance in the process.  So stop smoking for awhile; clean your room, call your mother and go for that run you keep talking about and when you come back enjoy being a lightweight again.

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