Is Sugar Worse Than Marijuana?

Americans thinks sugar is worse for you than marijuana according to a new poll. Women's Health magazine shared their thoughts in this brief article.

We’ve joked about sugar highs for years, but a new poll shows Americans now think getting high on sugar is worse for you than getting high on weed.

Conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, the survey asked 1,000 adults what they thought was most harmful to a person’s overall health: tobacco, alcohol, sugar, or marijuana. Not that surprisingly, most people said tobacco or alcohol. But 15 percent said sugar was health enemy number one—and that’s almost twice the number who thought marijuana deserved the top spot.

Those 15 percent of people might be onto something. A mounting body of research suggests refined sugar may be as addictive as cocaine or morphine—if not more so—says Pam Peeke, M.D., M.P.H., senior science advisor for Elements Behavioral Health and author of The Hunger Fix. Refined sugar causes changes in the brain’s reward center, leading to addiction and a downward health spiral that can end in heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

“Refined sugar consumption won’t lead you to rob a bank to get money for your fix,” says Peeke. “It won’t interfere with your driving, and you can still function at work. It’s a quieter self-destructive process.” And worst of all, it affects virtually every single person.

In fact, the World Health Organization recently changed its guidelines to recommend that just five percent of your daily calories come from added sugar. That comes out to about 25 grams a day.

Of course, when it comes to toning down your sugar habit, it’s far easier said than done.

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