Pot For Pets Can Provide Extreme Relief

Pot for pets? Just like humans benefit from cannabis, the legal marijuana space has found a variety of pot-infused products that can soothe you sick p...

Medicinal Marijuana for Mammals

Dogs, cats, horses, and other pets can benefit from medical marijuana just like people do. The practice of giving animals cannabis goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. The people of Rome and Greece treated wounds on their horses with a poultice used from hemp. Many of the medical conditions we see with people alleviated with CBD also help animals with the same symptoms.
All mammals have an endocannabinoid system which responds to the chemicals found in marijuana. Using medicinal marijuana is only natural. Herbal medicine heals many conditions for warm-blooded pets. Your bird or lizard might not benefit the same as your dog or cat therefore don’t give them pot, but anything with fur will be able to process THC and CBD.

Pot for Pets Can Help Induce Munchies


Dogs actually have more cannabinoid receptors in their brain than any other animal. This means the healing benefits of medicinal marijuana evolved with pets. We see this in the affinity dogs show for marijuana. Ever notice the similarity between the words cannabis and canine? Hmm… Just like in people, CBD can treat pain and anxiety.

Medical conditions such as inflammation are soothed with CBD. Just like humans, mammals have C1 receptors in the brain and C2 receptors in the body that communicate with the compounds present in cannabis.

Many pet owners will attest to the amazing benefit marijuana has with their furry friends. Spark your dog’s appetite with an edible. See his or her vitality return to them with healthy eating and exercise.

Doctor Approved


Veterinarians endorse the use of medical marijuana for pets. Ailments such as nausea, lack of appetite, and lethargy are treated with the right amount of CBD. Treatments are easily accessible online, and you can ask your vet for recommendations.

Do not feed your dog chocolates with pot in it, because chocolate is bad for dogs. Start with very small doses. Keep track of how your pet is acting after they consume it due to the potency of some MJ products.
Treats intended to heal pets with symptoms are available online because of the widespread legalization.

There is a couple in Oregon who made their own Rick Simpson oil to treat their 100-pound Bernese Mountain dog with cancer. He was very friendly and happy, and this attests to the benefit medical marijuana has with pets.


Caution should be taken when dosing your pets, as this large dog could take the intense does but your chihuahua only needs a little bit. Make sure that they are drinking enough water so their body can process the cannabis. Do your research before feeding any THC containing foods to your pets because they are very sensitive, and you will see how it changes your lives.

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