Organic Cannabis: All You Need To Know

If we're putting cannabis into our bodies, we should ensure that it's free from harmful toxins. Here's all you need to know about organic cannabis.

When I first heard of the concept of organic cannabis, I was skeptical: why would you need your weed, of all things, to be organic?

But the more I looked into organic cannabis, the more it made sense. If we’re putting this healing herb into our bodies, we should make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful by-products.

After all, many of us use marijuana for the health benefits. There’s no point in doing that if we’re ingesting harmful pesticides while smoking or vaping our favorite strain.

Here’s why we should all consider using organic cannabis.

What is organic cannabis?

When foods and herbs are grown commercially, it’s common for growers to use pesticides and fertilizers to maximize their growth. This makes sense on an economic level – but those pesticides and fertilizers can contain harmful chemicals. When we ingest those plants, we also ingest the toxins used to grow them.

Organic foods, on the other hand, aren’t exposed to non-organic pesticides and fertilizers. These foods will be free of those harmful by-products that can damage your body. This is why organic foods are popular among health-conscious crowds.

It’s the same reason why organic cannabis is becoming more and more popular, especially with those who use medical marijuana. Commercially-grown cannabis, including hydroponic cannabis, is often laden with pesticides and harmful fertilizers.

When we smoke, vape, eat, or otherwise ingest this cannabis, we’re ingesting unsafe chemicals too. Think about it – if we want our fruits and veggies to be organic, we should want our weed to be organic, too!

The health benefits of organic cannabis

Many people have been smoking inorganic cannabis their whole lives – so why should they switch to organic cannabis?

Organic cannabis is safer to ingest. Some people might find that they have a bad reaction to the pesticides used by some growers. Others might find that pesticides aggravate their health issues. According to an article on Merry Jane, certain pesticides used in cannabis cultivation can be deadly. In smaller doses, these pesticides could cause side-effects like nausea, rashes and irritated skin, vomiting and diarrhea, fatigue, and cramps.

Many of us don’t have such intense, immediate reactions to weed. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t gradually affecting our bodies. Over time, exposure to these chemicals can cause some serious damage to your overall health.

Because cannabis is illegal in many places, there are seldom laws that specifically ban the use of certain toxins in cannabis growing. This lack of regulation means that we need to be extra conscious of what we’re ingesting. Using organic cannabis means you’re less likely to be exposed to harmful toxins that could cause a bad reaction to weed.

Improved taste, potency and environmental effect

Many people also find that organic cannabis tastes better and has a stronger, more positive effect on them. As explained on Sensi Seeds, high-quality organic soil means that your plant is healthier, and therefore more nutritious:

“Organic nutrient systems often contain other trace elements that can provide extra benefits to cannabis, even if they are not traditionally classed as essential… Organic growers the world over report that organically-grown cannabis is superior in effect and potency due to the complex make-up of the nutrient mixes used.”

Still not convinced? Consider what inorganic farming can do to the environment. When farms use chemicals containing heavy metals and toxins, this can pollute the groundwater in the area, damaging the local environment. Inorganic farming can also damage the soil in the local environment, making it less fertile over time.

Where can you find organic cannabis?

In most countries around the world, a product can’t be labeled as organic unless the government certifies it as such. Because weed is illegal in most countries, it’s hard to find government-certified organic weed.

If you want to try out organic cannabis, visit your local dispensary and ask about their organic cannabis options.The products might not be labeled as organic, but an assistant might be able to help you find pesticide-free, non-hydroponic options. Honest Marijuana, a company promoting organic cannabis, has a useful dispensary guide.

If you’re not located near a dispensary, consider growing your own organic cannabis. You can do this by using organic soil and avoiding inorganic pesticides and fertilizers.

As with all things organic, organic cannabis might be more expensive than its non-organic counterparts. This can make it less accessible for many people. Hopefully, as more and more people educate themselves about marijuana, organic options will be more accessible for those who need it.

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Organic Cannabis: All You Need To Know

If we're putting cannabis into our bodies, we should ensure that it's free from harmful toxins. Here's all you need to know about organic cannabis.

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