Cannabis Ease Anxiety? Here is what we know.

Cannabis ease anxiety? Yes, marijuana can actually help you with angst. Here are the top strains to help relieve your anxious mind.

Can cannabis ease anxiety? The healing elements of marijuana has been proven to help with everything from anxiety to full blown PTSD.

Some have curtailed or even stopped partaking their marijuana intake altogether because they no longer like how it makes them feel.

To be more specific, when they’re high cannabis can make them feel extremely  ‘paranoid’.

So how can something both cause and alleviate the same symptoms?

The answer is that what marijuana, or specifically the chemical component that produces the ‘high’, THC, causes is not an increase or decrease in anxiety but a general intensity in experience.

Smoking or otherwise ingesting marijuana opens neural receptors in the brain that let loose a flood of otherwise regulated information that some people experience as an intensity in virtually all aspects of human experience.

Mental vs Physical

From mental to emotional and physical, the effects can be stimulating, relaxing or anxiety inducing. The outcome largely depending on factors other than the drug itself.

Just as a dream can be pleasant or a nightmare that we accept as a byproduct of our waking lives, the effects of marijuana are dependent upon our own personality and current mental attitude.

Marijuana enhances whatever we are currently experiencing whether it’s the taste of a slice of pepperoni pizza, the sound of an old Pink Floyd CD or the feel of a memory foam mattress.

Marijuana’s therapeutic effects are largely based on the individual patient’s emotional condition and intent.  

Coping With The Angst

Some people self-medicate with weed to turn off the day to day worries in their mind, drowning out the anxiety inducing factors.

This is the same method of stress relief obtained through prescription meditation.  


There are two major components  of marijuana which may influence your experience.

First up is THC, responsible for the psychoactive effects referred to as getting “high.”

A lesser known chemical called CBD offers much of the medicinal effects. 

The ‘high’ or intensity of the experience can therefore be controlled.

By dialing down the THC and  increasing the CBD, cannabis users may find an increasingly calming effect. 

Choosing The Best Strain for Anxiety

It’s important to note the two main types of cannabis: Indica and Sativa.

Sativa provides more of a mental high, stimulating brain activity.  Since anxiety is a mental disorder to begin with,  partaking in a sativa dominant strain may increase those negative feeling.

Worry can turn into paranoia and insecurity becomes anxiety, so it’s likely  best to avoid.

Indica offers up a  ‘body high’ providing relief from both stress and anxiety, a great choice to manage your angst.

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