Does CBD Show up in a Drug Test?

Many employers requires drug testing and this can be very problematic for medical marijuana users, and we ask ourselves does cbd show up in a drug tes...

Most of us take our work pretty seriously, and a positive drug test at the workplace can mean the end of our gainful employment. Thus, the important question has to be asked: Can using CBD hemp oil result in a positive test for marijuana/THC?

The answer is: “Yes.” But also, “Probably not.”

Urine-based drug tests look for the presence of the primary psychoactive compound within marijuana, THC, but a cannabinoid like CBD can under certain conditions produce a false positive.

The Science

A study conducted by a group of researchers examined 15 adult subjects— ten female and five male—each of which had never previously experienced THC exposure. Within the test, the subjects received oil matrix-based THC doses between 0.09 and 0.6 mg once a day, every day across four successive 10-day periods. Radioimmunoassay measurement was then used to screen for cannabinoids in their urine.

The radioimmunoassay results did offer some false positives for the presence of THC. Specifically, at the 50 ng/mL cutoff, the results indicate that up to 0.45 mg of daily THC oil matrix consumption didn’t screen positive. However, this changed once intake was increased to 0.6 mg, resulting in a single positive result.

More interesting is when we consider a cutoff level of 15 ng/ML—the cutoff used by a number of employers, drug treatment facilities, and law enforcement. Under this specification, exactly 19% of the urine samples collected came up “positive”—notice the quotation marks—for THC.

Fortunately, sample analysis conducted using chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) yielded very different results. Under this testing, absolutely zero of the urine samples tested positive for THC. Further, the highest value that registered was only 5.2 ng/mL, easily clearing a 15 ng/mL based test.

The conclusion? Researchers say that under GC-MS testing (used to confirm positive results), daily CBD hemp oil consumption of somewhere south of 200 to 300 mg is highly likely to be “safe,” i.e., not resulting in a positive screening. Further, daily CBD hemp oil consumption of less than 100 to 150 mg is likely to result in a passed immunoassay preliminary screening, too.

However, do keep in mind two separate factors: the possibility of drug interactions and the way your own genetics respond to drugs (pharmacogenetics). Because of these potential interactions and the genetic variability between each of us, the exact size of the dose of CBD hemp oil necessary to create a positive result in any drug test will vary.

In short, proceed with caution!

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