6 Healthy Ways To Consume Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis, most people’s first thought involves smoking a joint or a blunt, but there are more healthy ways to consume cannabis.

When it comes to cannabis, most people’s first thought involves smoking it, but there are healthy ways to consume cannabis. 

For most a joint, a blunt, a bong, or a bowl is often the only way the plant is ingested.

Yet smoking marijuana is not the healthiest way to consume cannabis. While the verdict is still out on the dangers of smoking. Moreover, it is widely agreed upon that cannabis contains at least 50 carcinogens and causes a risk to a smoker’s pulmonary health. What’s risky about smoking marijuana has to do with three factors. The inhalation of hot air, the tar it leaves behind, and the fact that smoking anything destroys cilia.

However, you don’t have to stop just because you care about your health. There are plenty of healthy ways to consume cannabis and here are six of them.


Rising in popularity, vaping cannabis allows you to still inhale the psychoactive ingredients. However, it has a lower risk than smoking. That’s because the dried plant leaves and flowers are heated high enough to release the chemicals, but not enough to reach cannabis’s combustion point. Like smoking, vaping gives you an instantaneous high. In addition, is less harsh and easier on your lungs.


If you don’t want to smoke your cannabis, consider eating it. While pot brownies may have been popular a decade ago, edibles are quickly on the rise. They are available in everything from candies to crackers. While it takes longer for edibles to kick in (over an hour in some cases), it is a strong high that’s long lasting.


Like edibles, beverages like marijuana tea are becoming more common amongst both medicinal and recreational cannabis users. Available in a wide range of teas and sodas, cannabis beverages produce long-lasting highs, but like edibles take a significant amount of time for the effects to be felt. Still, this method is a much more healthy way to get relief from your weed. 


Tinctures are concentrated cannabis oils that are mixed with alcohol, glycerin solution, or an MCT oil like coconut oil and taken sublingually. By placing a few drops under the tongue, it’s immediately absorbed by the system, and the associated high quickly follows. 


The newest craze, dabbing may be just what you’re looking for when it comes to a healthy way to get high. A small concentrated sticky ball of cannabis goodness is heated, typically on a nail, and the vapors inhaled. Since much of the plant material is gone, this is easier on the lungs than both smoking and vaping.  Although, smoking a dab doesn’t harm consumers lungs, it creates a strong high and is not recommended for the novice cannabis user.


If you’re using cannabis to find relief from aches and pains, but don’t want to get high, topicals are your solution.  Made into salves, ointments, and lotions, consumers can apply the topical directly to the skin. Moreover, this helps with sore muscles, pain, inflammation, and skin issues, providing relief without any psychoactive effect. With variety of topicals on the market, this method saves your lungs, offering up a much more healthy way to relieve your pain. 

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6 Healthy Ways To Consume Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis, most people’s first thought involves smoking a joint or a blunt, but there are more healthy ways to consume cannabis.

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