Cannabis Benefits: 5 Ways Weed Can Benefit Your Stomach

As the conversation regarding medical marijuana continues so does the the conversation about all its benefits. Here are ways cannabis can benefit your...

Cannabis can benefit us in many different ways, some people claims it helps for anxiety while others use it for pain.  Extensive research has revealed many positive effects of marijuana over the years. Marijuana goes a long way in pushing our bodies to higher and sturdier grounds, and assisting our gut health is no exception.

Good health begins from the gut, as the stomach forms an important bridge between the body and mind. Everything we consume must go through the evaluation of our sensitive tummies. When we eat something that disagrees with us, the guts provide the first warning for an illness. Below are benefits of cannabis for our stomachs.

Benefit 1

Guard of our gastrointestinal system, cannabis is highly defensive against intruders, invaders, and raiders of the sanctity of our stomachs.  Acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, colitis, and nausea are powerful enough to ruin your weekend. Plain old cannabis has been credited with helping to mitigate all of these.


 Benefit 2

Although still under research and investigation, it’s been observed that weed can improve our appetite. Cannabis, specifically THC, calms and stimulates the sense of taste and digestion. It stimulates neurotransmitters inside of our brains that are in charge of hunger and dopamine.

Benefit 3

The effect of cannabis in regards to calming nausea is still under the microscope of scientists. Until we get a clearer picture, all we know is that weed suppresses nausea and vomiting.  This was initially brought to light by the firsthand experience of a patient undergoing chemotherapy, noting the absence of nausea.

Benefit 4

Cannabis creates well-deserved relaxation for our bellies. The abundance of CB1 and CB2 receptors fits in well with the abundance of cannabinoids. The cannabinoids relax those receptors to relieve our gut. Moreover, cannabis can reduce inflammation, cramping, spasms, and improves the overall mobility and fluidity of the stomach. Furthermore, weed counteracts most of the irritating intestinal secretions during digestive disorders.


Benefit 5

Another intriguing property of cannabis lies in its two major components, CBD and THC. These cannabinoids use as much as 50% of the total volume of cannabis. CBD and THC have been seen to go through many key receptors of our gut, entering our body and then moving to our brain. Once they reach the brain, consequent signals and their calming effects help regulate the body.


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