5 Ways To Avoid Coughing While Dabbing

Dabbing is a popular way to consume cannabis, but one hit often results in a serious bout of coughing. Here are some tips to minimize the post-dab cou...

Dabbing cannabis extracts is a trend that has quickly swept the nation. The most popular method is using a torch to heat the bowl, though technology like vape pens, as well as the improved quality of the product, have resulted in many other ways to dab.

The original blowtorch technique often ends with a fit of intense coughing, can be slightly alarming for cannabis newbies.  While some tend to think “the bigger the cough the better the hit,” that isn’t the case.

THC is absorbed so quickly into your lungs’ membranes that by the time you start to cough you’ve already absorbed all the THC.  In fact, coughing hard can tear up the lining of your esophagus and irritate your throat and lungs.

Want to make your dabbing sessions more enjoyable without hacking up a lung?  Here are some quick tips!

Coat Your Throat

Sipping warm tea with honey is a time-tested salve to prevent throat irritation for singers. Coating your throat with at least some water is a good idea before you send plumes of hot smoke down your gullet.

Use a Water Pipe

Filtering your hit through cool, clean water before it reaches your throat and lungs can reduce coughing. Cooling the hit will remedy the heat problem, and the added filtering may remove any physical impurities.

Light With a Clean Flame

Most dabbing consists of heating the bowl with a butane flame. Butane is a gas, and you’re bound to toke some of it along with the THC vapor. When toking with glass, never let your bowl get too dirty. Consistent use without cleaning  means you are taking in the carbon remains of all your previous hits. By this time, the THC is all gone, and you’re just hitting the ash.  This can induce coughing and potentially damage your lungs


As you prepare to take  your dab hit, you have to commit! Shallow breaths tend to catch the smoke in your throat.  You should also avoid holding a dab hit it for too long.  Instead, take a deep hit that will clear it past your throat and quickly to the drop zone.  Then, exhale it right back out. Taking deep breaths before and after your hits will expand your lung capacity. Expanding your lungs is like stretching your muscles; it may ache at first but will keep you from more serious injury later on.


It’s all in your head, man. Some people get tense or anxious when trying something new. The very anticipation can cause a tightness in your throat that will almost always lead to coughing. Most of the time when you’re going to smoke from a pipe, your head is tilted down, which naturally constricts your throat. Try to keep your head up and your airway open even before you light up.  Take a deep hit, but make it a small one. You can always come back for more.

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