5 Top Topicals: Medical Marijuana Lotion for Pain Relief

Medical Marijuana lotions, also know as topicals, are the new trend on the market. We have gathered a list of the top five topicals on the market.

Medical marijuana lotion, also known as topicals, are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, here is a list of premium organic topicals that will help with pain relief. The ingredients in these are top of the line and speak for themselves for the quality of medicine you get.

Moreover, medical marijuana lotion perfectly soothe chronic skin conditions that result from inflammation such as rosacea or eczema. The cannabidiols can also help pain-relief in all natural way.

Apothecanna Relieving Creme

This all natural brand uses wild crafted herbs. Uses a combination of herbal remedies to help soothe skin. Has ingredients such as juniper, arnica, peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, and cannabis of course. This particular combination is excellent after a day in the sun. The blend can helps rashes with its antiseptic properties. In addition, users have found it helps with psoriasis muscle aches, and arthritis.

Cannabis Basics The Remedy Pain Relief Stick

Good things come in small packages. A portable solid lotion that fits easily in a purse so you can discretely carry your medical marijuana lotion with you anywhere you go. The addition of arnica montana oil soothes nausea and acts as an antiseptic. Apply it to your temples and relieve a headache, or on scratches or burns for fast acting relief.

Sweet ReLeaf Original Deeply Soothing Body Butter

This body butter made with trichomes includes shea butter, organic coconut oil, and cocoa butter that guarantee a richly moisturizing lotion. In addition, this product is handcrafted and the process is to ensure your body gets the highest quality topical experience.

Use it for a variety of skin issues or for muscle pain, diabetic foot pain, shingles, burns, or scars. Available in original, unscented, or extra strength. The company calls their products “intelligent medicine” and it is a smart choice for someone looking for topical pain relief.

Doc Green’s Therapeutic Healing Cream

Based out of Berkeley, this medical marijuana lotion comes in a variety of scents. Using the benefits of aromatherapy, Doc Green offers a selection of scents. Try this medicine in Vanilla to help you feel happier, lavender to help you fall asleep after massaging your sore muscles, or unscented. Pain relief happens in seconds and the ingredients such as royal jelly, organic beeswax, and topical vitamin E will leave your skin fresh and moisturized. The blend of essential oils helps with a number of skin conditions such as rashes or inflammation.

Buds and Roses Collective Veganic Dragon Balm

Lastly, based in Los Angeles, this stylish balm will provide quick pain-relief. The company established its reputation for creating vegan organic products at an affordable price. Not to mention, this is one of the first dispensaries in the world and has won multiple awards for their products. This product is also available as a roll-on.

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