The 5 Healthiest Oils for Cannabis Cooking

The trend cannabis cooking is growing rapidly, and we want to make sure you are using the best oils to cook cannabis with.

People have been cooking with cannabis for decades. The most common recipe is probably the weed brownies that have been portrayed as a classic in movies and tv-shows. However, there are many different ways to consume cannabis and cooking with cannabis is becoming more and more popular. Especially since edibles are growing in popularity and are being sold across the board.  In addition, there are many famous chefs around the world promoting cooking with the herb. If you want to have a boundless weekend with friends or just want to experience the euphoria alone, take advantage of the five healthiest oils to use in cannabis cooking. 

Walnut Oil

This light colored delicate oil is extracted from walnuts. Walnut oil is rarely used for heating cooking as it reduces its nutty taste and leaves it quite bitter. However, it is popular for salad dressing and sauces. In addition, walnut oil is less common due to its high price.  Economically demanding, walnut’s heavenly combination subsequently provides many antioxidants along with omega-3 and melanin. Moreover, all of that plus cannabis’ trademark psychoactive effects gives a salutation to cannabis.

Olive Oil


Olive oil is the most used and accessible oil, deeply regarded with health benefits and cooking versatility. It can be used creatively for dipping, topping, and as a salad dressing, giving marijuana a snack-like touch. Highly flavorful, olive oil is very popular. In addition, it is one of the most affordable options. According to a recent study, Olive Oil is also great for you health. It can lower risks for heart-attacks and stroke. 

Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is one of the healthiest oils out there with lots of vitamin E and beta carotene. Red palm oil’s chemical structure allows it to reach high temperatures without degrading its taste or nutrients. Therefore, it is your best option for fried and deep-fried cannabis goodness.  Because high temperatures can damage the integrity and strength of the cannabinoids present, we recommend not to deep fry the cannabis for too long and instead add it near the end.

Coconut Oil

Unlock the best of all those blissful cannabinoids with coconut oil. Coconut oil has many nutritious benefits, along with packing in good saturated fat. Coconut oil is thus globally reputed as versatile when it comes to cannabis cooking, giving birth to a wide range of cannabis-infused edibles. In addition to coconut oil, check out MCT oil which is an even healthier option. MCT oil is the healthiest parts derived from coconut oil, also very popular in CBD oils.

Canola Oil

Strangely popular for cannabis cooking, canola oil is incapable of extracting the strong taste packed by cannabis. Yet to some folks, this odd pairing provides a new and reportedly better experience. Even though canola oil doesn’t naturally mesh with cannabis (we recommend a taste test).  Aren’t experiments and adventures what we live for?

Smoking cannabis is not the only means for cannabis consumption. Cooking cannabis with these healthy oils can be a great experience if you know what you’re doing.

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