5 Best Cannabis Strains for Dealing With Diabetes

Cannabis strains heavy in CBD (cannabidiol) or THCV (non-psychoactive tetrahydrocannabivarin) have been found to help in the treatment of diabetes.

Cannabis strains heavy in CBD (cannabidiol) or THCV (non-psychoactive tetrahydrocannabivarin) have been found to  help in the treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes, also called hyperglycemia, is a disease in which the body causes blood glucose (sugar) levels to rise higher than normal. Patients diagnosed  with the disease have experienced greater pancreatic cell function, better insulin response and a decrease in diabetic neuropathy when consuming strains high in CBD, or THCV.

Here are the top cannabis strains for dealing with diabetes:

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain. It is usually given an A+ rating. Some cannabis researchers indicate that it relaxes both the mind and body. This strain is frequently recommended for daytime use.


Harlequin is 3/4 – 1/4 sativa dominant strain. High in CBD, Harlequn is known for relieving pain, and providing relaxation, without intoxication or sedation. Because of its CBD:THC ratio of 5:2, it can be very effective with both anxiety and pain. Since it offers alert, clear-headed effects, it’s great for patients who don’t want to medicate, then pass out.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web, a strain derived from hemp. Named after a little girl  named Charlotte Figi, Charlotte’s parents and physicians say she experienced a reduction of her epileptic seizures after her first dose of medical marijuana at five years of age. Charlotte’s Web has only 0.3% THC, so it’s great for patients who want to medicate without getting “high.” 

Durban’s Poison

New evidence suggests cannabinoid, THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin), can help, especially when you are trying to control the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. Durban’s Poison is considered a high grade strain. Although the initial effects may be euphoric, calmness seems to be one of its primary traits. Its effects may last two hours, so patients should keep this in mind before use.


AC/DC is a sativa-dominant strain with a CBD content up to 19%, which is great for patients who seek relief without a psychoactive experience.

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