Weedicure: The Latest Weed-Centric Beauty Trend

Weed manicure's commonly known as the "Weedicure" is the perfect way to show your love for the bud without even getting stoned

Weed manicure’s commonly known as the “Weedicure” is the perfect way to show your love for the bud without even getting stoned.

Introducing the Canna-Mani

Also called a canna-mani, this weed infused manicure generally consists of crushing up a small amount of marijuana and placing it on one’s nails in different patterns, using tweezers for accuracy.

Then a top coat seals in the bud for a beautiful, very original look.  Other folks have gone to town with their creativity, layering bits of bud on thick to make groovy designs of their own.

Generally, weed manicures require one to bring their own bud and to have a Medical Marijuana card depending on the state.

They generally range in price from $45 to $100 (plus tip!). Plus, these weedicures take much longer than regular manicures, sometimes as long as 3 hours. Weed lovers sport this look for 4/20, pot festivals, and the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Weed users (or just weed lovers!) can also wear this beauty trend to show their support of cannabis, inspire a smoke sesh, or just have rad looking nails. It is thought to have originally been created by the nail artist Louisiana Pham in Santa Clara, California.

And if you’re worried about getting arrested for the minuscule amount of weed in these ‘flower nails,’ a spokesperson for Marijuana Policy Project said that, “While it would probably be rare and ridiculous, it is possible that someone with marijuana stuck to their nails could be arrested or cited for possession by an overzealous police officer if marijuana is not legal in their state.”

Weed is legal in for medicinal and adult use in dozens of states and the District of Columbia, so check up on your state’s laws and check in with local salons before bringing in the bud.

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