A Quick Guide to Weed-Friendly Hotels

As cannabis tourism grows, we’re starting to see the emergence of weed-friendly hotels. Here's what you need to know about cannabis-friendly hotels.

As cannabis tourism grows around the world, we’re starting to see the emergence of weed-friendly hotels. These hotels allow their guests to smoke or vape cannabis in a totally safe and legal environment.

If you’re a weed-loving traveler and you’d like to check out a cannabis-friendly region, you’re probably wondering about 420-friendly hotels. Where can you find them? How do they work? Can you just light up in your hotel room? Is all of this legal?

That depends a lot on the laws of whatever region you are. When it comes to cannabis, laws will obviously be different in different states and countries. There are certain places where you can and can’t light up. If you’re a ‘canna-tourist’, it’s essential that you’re aware of these laws before you plan your trip.

Read on to find out!

What the law says about weed-friendly hotels

So you heard that a nearby state has decriminalized weed, or maybe you’re hoping to try some weed on an upcoming trip to Spain. You might be wondering whether you can smoke right in your hotel room.

Canada, and some US states have only legalized the medical use of cannabis. In some US states – including Washington, Alaska, Colorado and California – both medical and recreational use of cannabis is legal. That said, you can’t simply light up anywhere. It can be illegal, or at least frowned upon, in public spaces.

Thanks to Colorado’s law, hotels and private renters can decide whether or not to make their hotels cannabis-friendly. The owners themselves can decide whether they want their guests to smoke or not. This leniency is part of the reason why Colorado’s weed industry is booming. Of course, not all hotel owners and private renters have taken the plunge and made their hotel 420-friendly. But thanks to changing perceptions of marijuana, as well as the monetary incentive, there are quite a few lodgings where weed lovers are welcome to use cannabis.

In plenty of other countries, recreational cannabis use is legal or at least decriminalized. Often, these laws are complicated, and they prevent people from using cannabis in public and commercial places.

Tourists to the Netherlands, for example, often hope to indulge in cannabis during their travels. While using cannabis is decriminalized for ‘coffee shops’, it’s not allowed in public. Unfortunately, consuming weed is usually illegal in hotels. In Spain, the private use of weed is legal, but you can’t consume weed on the premises of commercial hotels.

In the hopes of staying on the right side of the law, hotels seldom become cannabis-friendly unless cannabis is totally legal and unstigmatized in their region.

But what exactly is private property?

Large, commercial hotels are often considered commercial property, and thus, they’re often subjected to stricter pot laws.

However, there is a loophole for travelling weed lovers.

In many countries, bed-and-breakfast places and small self-catering accommodation are considered private property. Because of this, they’re only affected by the laws applying to private use of cannabis. If your hosts are cool with it, you could use cannabis on their premises.

It’s fairly easy to find weed-friendly accommodation online, because cannabis-friendly places will state their stance on their websites. If you’d like to see listings of different accommodation all in one place, check out Bud and Breakfast, a cannabis-friendly hotel guide. Similar to AirBnB in concept, it lists weed-friendly hotels and accommodation around the world.

You could also contact local dispensaries, pro-cannabis groups, and MMJ organizations, and ask for recommendations for nearby weed-friendly accommodation.

That said, more and more people are learning about the fantastic health benefits of cannabis, and it’s becoming less and less stigmatized. As lawmakers begin to understand that weed can benefit their people and their economy, laws are changing – and hopefully, weed-friendly tourism will be more accessible in the near future!

What to remember if you’re staying in weed-friendly accommodation

Most marijuana-friendly hotels have designated areas where guests are allowed to smoke. To avoid getting into trouble with hotel management, keep these boundaries in mind. These rules don’t usually apply to edibles, tinctures and other odor-free forms of weed consumption. So, if you got some cannabis tinctures or popcorn from a local dispensary, you can indulge in the comfort of your own hotel room. Most 420-friendly accommodation will have clear signage showing designated spots for smoking or vaping. If you’re confused, rather clarify with hotel staff before lighting up.

It might be a good idea to invest in a vape-pen to use while in your lodgings. They produce no smoke and very little odor, so you won’t smoke out the other guests.

If you can’t stay in a weed-friendly hotel, don’t despair. Find accommodation near dispensaries and other weed-friendly spaces, and keep your activities to places where it’s both safe and legal.

Happy travelling!

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