Ways To Wear Your Weed

Whether to raise awareness or celebrate legalization, there are many way to wear your weed. We have the latest trends for the love of ganja.

Whether to raise awareness or celebrate the dank, there are many ways to wear your weed. It has become a statement of solidarity embraced by celebrities and the masses alike.

Just the other day on the boardwalk I picked up some bright pink leggings adorned in dark purple weed leaves. It’s truly a fabulous way to show one’s love for the herb as well as advocating social change and personal choice.

From  Kim Kardashian to Rihanna celebs are creating and rocking high fashion clothing adorned in weed patterns to bring awareness or just to celebrate adult use legalization across the U.S.

Similar to wearing the pattern of weed leaves on one’s person, people have been taking their love of the bud to the next level and dressing up their pets in a similar fashion.

Purr-fect Puppy

There are all sorts of puppy and kitty clothes, collars, leads, food and water bowls, along with many other fashionable marijuana themed pieces. Although we may never know if our pets are truly fans of the magic herb, I definitely like to think they are!

Stoned Jewelry

Another cool way to wear your weed is in a pendant or ring as a creative way to carry your bud or just show that you’re a fan. These pieces include rings holding dabs, necklaces or key chains with weed seeds inside, flask necklaces that can hold a few nugs, and even cuff links able to hold a tiny bowl of herb. There’s even a line of jewelry out of Florida that you’re supposed to wear in combination with its parallel weed strain for a more intense stoniness.

Hemp Wear

You’ve probably heard about hemp clothing from various TV shows and movies, but it’s generally the irresponsible stoner wearing them (remember that one doctor who wore hemp scrubs on Scrubs and couldn’t seem to understand Elliot because she was talking too fast?). Not only is hemp easier to grow and therefore more environmentally sound, it breathes well, is incredibly versatile, doesn’t require dry cleaning, and is a stronger but softer material than cotton. And while consuming hemp won’t get you stoned, it’s counterpart marijuana will.

Mask the Aroma

We’ve all been there. We unzip our purse/wallet/fanny pack and a huge whiff of our last bowl of bud smacks us in the face. While I generally enjoy the remainder of the pain free high, I often worry that I’ll be judged on my medicine of choice, especially if I’m in a more professional setting. Which is where the whole world of hidden pockets in a scent reducing purse, backpack, or wallet comes in. These ‘stealth bags’ are fabulous for holding the stinkiest of ganja, unlike those flimsy plastic bags we’ve been carting our bud around in for ages. The bag pictured above starts at $175 from AnnaBis.


One of the coolest ways to wear marijuana is through hemp infused makeup. This is still a budding market, but growing fast as both cannabis and beauty are very prosperous industries. These products and services range from getting a weedicure, or  through topical lotions, shampoos, and even THC infused tinctures. This makeup doesn’t generally get one stoned, but they may be able to help one with medical issues such as chronic pain, eczema, and potentially even acne issues.

Join the Society Kush

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Marissa Cooper
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    Ways To Wear Your Weed
    Whether to raise awareness or celebrate legalization, there are many way to wear your weed. We ...