Top 5 Hotspots for Colorado Cannabis Tourists

We are exploring some Colorado cannabis tourism such as 420 tours. You should definitely read this if you are considering some relaxing 420 tours.

Now that recreational marijuana has been legal for five years and medical for seven, Colorado has become a hotspot for tourism. Everything from dispensaries to bud and breakfasts are available to cannabist enthusiasts worldwide. Though it remains illegal to bring your own marijuana into the state, there are ample opportunities to purchase and enjoy cannabis in Colorado. Here are five tourist attractions that will sure to please all cannabis enthusiasts.

1. Denver’s Green Mile

A stretch of Broadway in Denver has been dubbed Denver’s Green Mile due to the array of multiple medical and recreational dispensaries. If you want to experience the true Colorado marijuana trip, this is the first stop. It stretches south of I-25 to Yale and expands into Englewood, east of Denver. Known to some as Broadsterdam, the Green Mile has dispensaries and clone bars alike. Dispensaries include Wellspring, Walking Raven, Herbal Alternatives, the Herbal Center, Evergreen Apothecary and Sticky Buds. Whether you’re looking for creative ways to consume cannabis or just a modern restaurant or bar, Denver’s Green Mile is a great starting point.

2. 420 Tours

There are many companies that provide marijuana tours around the metro denver area. My 420 Tours is the largest tour corporation, specializing in giving tourists the full marijuana experience. My 420 Tours lets you explore dispensaries, grow operations, 420 friendly hotels and much more. They provide private transportation where smoking is allowed, corporate tours if you’re looking to invest and even special celebrations like weddings and birthday parties. My 420 Tours has travel agents to help with special accommodations on what you’re looking for when planning a trip to colorado. Check out more through their website.

3. Bud and Breakfast

The Adagio Bud and Breakfast is a well-known tourist hotspot for cannabis enthusiast looking for a quaint, multi-day marijuana experience. It is located in a historic Denver neighborhood where shops, restaurants and dispensaries are all within walking distance. You can stay at their Victorian home with multiple levels and tons of room and get treated to a wake n’ bake breakfast, beer and wine 4:20 happy hour appetizers and more. If Adagio Bud and Breakfast is not your style, there are more bud and breakfast options to choose from.  

4. Marijuana Lounges

The Colorado Marijuana Club License just passed that allows visitors to enjoy consuming cannabis in clubs and various head shops. Of these marijuana lounges, Speak Easy Vape Lounge, Club History, and Studio 420 are the most well-known lounges where you can enjoy cannabis indoors. Because the Marijuana Club License is still fairly new, many marijuana lounges require a membership to join for legal purposes. But if you’re looking for a Colorado experience without the hassle of becoming a member, check out the three lounges above.

5. Marijuana Arts

If you want to experience a more sophisticated side of the Colorado cannabis industry, there are many places where you can cook with cannabis, make art while consuming and more. The biggest cannabis art class is Puff, Pass, and Paint. Locations in Denver, D.C. and Portland make this company the largest cannabis art corporation in the country. Just like Canvas and Cocktails, you are provided the opportunity to express yourself through painting while enjoying a joint or blunt. They also have classes for pincushioning, pottery and more. This is perfect for groups of friends or families traveling to Colorado looking for a fun relaxing activity. You can also take glassblowing and cooking classes for an affordable price through various cannabis tour companies.

Whether you’re looking for an all around cannabis experience or to just simply consume different strains, Colorado offers hundreds of options to make your stoner stay enjoyable.

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