Kids and Cannabis: How to talk to your Kids about Cannabis

Have you talked to your kids about cannabis? It can be really tough. We have some tips and tricks on how to make the talk a little bit easier.

Parents have been smoking weed for generations, and they all have different attitudes about how to explain marijuana to their children. Partaking in Mary Jane is a cultural right just like drinking wine or having a beer. Every responsible parent will need to talk to their kids about it at some point, and depending on the age of the child there are different ways to go about it.

Be Responsible and a Good Role Model


The adage it’s not what you say it’s what you do holds true when teaching your kids about pot. Show them that you use it responsibly. Don’t blow smoke in their face because children have sensitive lungs. Teach them the values of temperance and leadership. If it is legal where you live to cultivate it yourself and use the best gardening practices. Let them see you give your friends some of your herb and that sharing is caring. However, don’t always have it around them. Make sure that you have time with it to yourself and your partner just like before you had kids. Teach them values like eating right, exercising, and how some things should be private. Don’t lie to them, though.

Be Transparent

Although they might be too young to smoke marijuana, let them participate in growing it with you. Let them help you plant the seeds. When harvest time comes, if they are old enough to use scissors, let them cut the branches and watch you trim it. Although it’s good to give them space it is also healthy to let them be around and comfortable with cannabis. When they ask when they can smoke it, tell them to wait until they grow up. They don’t need to be involved with the whole process. If they do ask use your discernment based on their maturity level.

Have Honest Discussions

If you think your teenager is smoking pot, ask them. If your child wants to know why they can’t, explain to them how it affects the brain and that it is a powerful medicine. Explain like how they have to wait until they are a certain age to drive a car, they have to wait until their brains are developed correctly to start smoking weed. Tell them that you expect them to set goals and to take care of themselves. Explain that cannabis is a different drug and that it is medicine, but we need to have balance in all areas of our lives.

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