Why You Should Throw a Cannabis Dinner Party

As the holidays draw near you're probably thinking about doing some entertaining. May we suggest throwing a cannabis dinner party?

Cannabis dinner parties are all the rage right now, and I’m not talking about a bunch of twenty somethings gathering in an apartment to smoke up and play video games. I am talking about an actual cannabis dinner party, i.e. a fancy gathering with your close friends, where you serve a gourmet meal, and of course gourmet cannabis.

There are many reasons why you should throw a cannabis dinner party. For one, all the cool kids are doing it. No seriously, magazines like Vogue are even offering tips for throwing the perfect cannabis dinner party. Cannabis is the new, hip thing, despite the fact that it’s been used for thousands of years. All of your favorite stars are starting their own cannabis lifestyle brands, and they are raking in the green (Ha! In more ways than one). You want to be in on this trend. You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot, right?

These parties are really fun to throw too. You get to socialize and eat delicious food, a delightul experience that can only be enhanced by cannabis. It’s a great chance to bond with your closest friends, let loose, and have a great time. In my opinion, few things bring people together like cannabis. The best conversations I’ve had in my life have been while I’ve been stoned. If you’re looking to reconnect with old friends, or even an old flame, what better way than through the magic of cannabis?

Throwing a cannabis dinner party is a great way to impress people. If you live in the right area, you may even end up attracting some A-list names to your casa! Some of LA’s most famous chefs have been experimenting with cannabis infused recipes, and these dishes are really special. For the right price you could even hire one of these chefs for your gathering. Even if the price is too steep for you to handle on your own, you can always split the difference with some friends.

Then of course, there’s the wine. Cannabis and wine are a match made in heaven. There’s something about the tannins in wine and the terpenes in weed that really make the perfect duet. You can even surprise your guests with some cannabis infused wine to go along with dessert!

You have every reason in the world to throw the perfect cannabis dinner party. The holidays are almost here, and as we all know they are the best time for entertaining.

So, now that we’ve convinced you to throw a cannabis dinner party, you’ll need to know how to throw one. We’ll get to that another time.

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Did we convince you? Are you planning your perfect cannabis dinner party? Share the details with us in the comments!

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