Streams and Strains: Smoke These Strains While Streaming These Classics on Netflix

Planning a cannabis-infused Netflix and Chill session? We've got the perfect strain pairings to go with the what's streaming now on Netflix!

Planning a cannabis-infused Netflix and chill session? We’ve got the perfect strains to pair with these classics streaming now online.

The Prologue

I hadn’t slept in 24 hours.

Finals week was kicking my ass, and the latest cram session combined with a full day of class had me looking like a lobotomized ape dragging my knuckles through campus. I hung the promise of bedrest and bong rips in front of me like a bone tied to a fishing line. I had only to endure a few more hours, and then nothing could stop me from the natural remedy of a full night’s sleep.

Except myself, and the aforementioned bong rips.

You see, the clever names and creative descriptions that growers bestow on strains are more than pretentious pot culture clichés. Sure, there is a school of thought—mostly comprised of people from states where weed can only be purchased in plastic sandwich bags from “dealers” in basements—that says pot is pot. As Kat Williams would say: “Just give me regular weed, [man].”

But it’s not that simple. As the industry grows and the concept of a “cannabis connoisseur” is now an actual thing, the nuances between strains become more relevant. In the wonderful states of California, Washington, Colorado, and several others, legal marijuana means you have options.  Many options.

Thus, it’s helpful to know what you’re breaking down and why you’re rolling up—something I should have considered that day as I proceeded to stuff my slider with an exuberant amount of Jack Herer only to remain awake for the next four hours binging Netflix and music videos.

Had I done my research, I would have picked up a gram of Bubba Kush and slept like a cherub on cloud 9.

The Conflict

Let’s say you actually are planning a cannabis-infused Netflix sesh. Obviously you wouldn’t want a strain that could knock you out before the opening credit sequence.

Alas, allow me to act as a connoisseur of sorts and drop some useful knowledge on strains and streams (clears throat).

From action and adventure to romance and comedy, we’ve paired five Netflix new releases with popular flowers to harmonize your cannabinoid receptors with your feature presentation. 

The Resolution

Stream: It Follows


If you love horror, you’ve probably heard of this indie film’s acclaim. It premiered at Cannes in 2014 and went on to be a huge success the following year. It Follows is original, legitimately scary, and quite clever.

Strain: Pennywise (Indica)

Maybe “scary” was an understatement. This movie is terrifying; your heart will be racing, and you might get a little squirrely. This strain’s 1:1 THC-CBD ratio can serve as a counter so you can enjoy the terror comfortably. Known for boosting mental clarity while nonetheless providing a stimulating buzz, Pennywise will have you relaxed and balanced so the horror can stay on the screen.

Stream: Hugo

Martin Scorsese’s take on a graphic novel about a boy living in a Parisian train station accumulated a lot of hardware in 2012, including an Oscar for Best Cinematography and another for Best Art Direction. In other words, this film is a visual trip. Moreover, it’s well written and elicits the feels as it follows the orphaned Hugo on a journey to connect with his late father.

Strain: Cloud 9 (hybrid)

Similar to Pennywise’s purpose with It Follows, this aptly named strain will balance the movie’s vibe with your own. Popular for its stimulation of both the mind and body, Cloud 9 gently places you in that sweet spot of uplifting relaxation and euphoria. You’ll feel good. You’ll be smiling. You’ll be in the clouds, and yet, also on the couch.

Stream: Boogie Nights


Boogie Nights is a cult classic. It’s also one of those films that takes you on a roller coaster of emotion. It’s lighthearted and humorous at times, sexy at others, and then it turns around to douse you with a mess of darkness. There are pool parties and porn scenes and sexy Heather Graham and sexy Julianne Moore and sleazy Burt Reynolds. Also, Mark Wahlberg apparently has the biggest member in the world as Dirk Diggler.

Strain: Purple Panty Dropper (Indica)

Another fitting name, this indica will hold your body together, whether for a tingle in your drawers or a pounding in your…heart. Rumored to possess aphrodisiac qualities, Purple Panty Dropper surely lends an energizing, euphoric high.

Stream: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 11

A personal favorite, this series’ eleven-season run is a testament to its wit and authenticity. What’s impressive is the gang’s ability to speak on different levels using irony and cunning linguistics. Thus, whether you like low-brow toilet humor or tacit social commentary, Always Sunny always delivers.

Strain: Laughing Buddha (Sativa)

A premier sativa for depression riddance, Laughing Buddha imbues the giggles. You may take a few too many tokes, lose all awareness of the show, and find yourself laughing ostensibly for no reason at all. That’s okay. Regardless of your take on the Always Sunny shenanigans, this flower is a remarkable social unifier and mood enhancer. In other words, you would laugh at white noise; so just turn something on.

Stream: V for Vendetta 


Alan Moore’s graphic novel comes to life in this lauded dystopian thriller starring Natalie Portman. Similar to Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen, the story explores an alternative reality wherein the U.K. is in the grips of a fascist regime, the U.S. has erupted into another civil war, and all of Europe has succumbed to a pandemic. By the way, all of this takes place in the 2020s. (insert contemplative emoji).

Strain: Green Crack (sativa)

Green Crack won’t have your hair standing on end as you board the windows and clean your shotgun under a bare lightbulb in the kitchen, but it’s been named so for a reason. Staying on the natural side of things, this type of crack is known for its cerebral, sharpening, energizing effects. This makes it an exceptional pairing for a mentally stimulating action flick. It’s also a widely popular selection in general, giving the phrase “crack head” an entirely new meaning.  

So go ahead and make yourself comfortable on the couch with these streams and strains! Enjoy netflix and weed.

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