New Cannabis Edibles on the 2017 Market So Far

There are almost too many options for cannabis edibles as there are strains. Check out these new 2017 editions to see which edible is best for you.

With the waves made in marijuana research and technology, a growing method of cannabis consumption is also seeing some new advances. Edibles, a method of taking in cannabis via eating it, have been centered around candies and chocolates. That hasn’t necessarily changed, but more options are present for medical patients and recreational consumers. For those in one of the near 30 states with medical marijuana programs where a tenth of those have recreational legality, here are some new cannabis edibles options to glance over.

Mary Jane Juice Co.’s Organic Vanilla Almond Milk

Mary Jane Juice Co.’s Organic Vanilla Almond Milk. Photo credit: Mary Jane Juice Co.

Not every cannabis edibles needs to be eaten. Mary Jane Juice Co. has been spiking their organic fruit juice blends with marijuana’s active properties for some years now. They’ve recently made the jump over to non-dairy milks and their new Vanilla Almond Milk is gaining a lot of attention. The taste isn’t overly sweet, but the vanilla flavor is smooth enough to mask the usual bitter flavor. At 100 mg per serving (two servings per bottle), this would be an ideal edible to start the day with.

Serra Woodblock Chocolate

Serra Woodblock Chocolate. Photo credit: Serra Cannabis

Portland, Oregon is one of the biggest weed capitals on the west coast, so it makes sense that a mom and pop chocolate shop would break into the marijuana industry. Woodblock Chocolate is the city’s first “bean-to-bar” chocolatiers. The company announced during Christmas season last year their new partnership with local high end dispensary Serra. Weighing in at 16 grams of cacao, cocoa butter, cane sugar and cannabis, there are three flavors: a 20 mg THC dark chocolate bar with 70 percent cacao, a 20 mg THC milk chocolate bar with 60 percent cacao and a pure CBD dark chocolate bar with 70 percent cacao.

Franklin’s Secret BBQ Sauce by AVG

This barbecue sauce is truly secret and pretty difficult to get ahold of, but the 300 mg savory condiment landed on the top 10 edibles list at the 2017 SoCal Cannabis Cup.

“Legal” Tonic by Mirth Provisions

Mirth Provisions’ “Legal” Tonic. Photo by Mirth Provisions

Sparkling and refreshing, the Mirth Provisions “Legal” Tonic comes in Rainier cherry, pomegranate, cranberry and lemon ginger. The flavors are associated with either sativa CBD, indica or hybrid strains with available doses between 10 to 80 mgs. This edible is best served chilled on a warm day.

Elbe’s Edibles Cakeballs

Both flavors of these marijuana morsels, lemon and chai, contain 15 mg of THC. They’re made with Elbe’s premium whole-bud cannabutter and carry specific benefits per flavor. The lemon cakeballs strengthen the immune system and help with many ailments including indigestion, high blood pressure and rheumatism. The aromatic herbs and spices used in the chai cakeballs help in cancer prevention, cardiovascular health and lowering blood pressure.

Leif Goods Chocolate Bars

Non-GMO, soy free and fair trade, these chocolate bars are just as ethically viable as they are physically effective. Leif Goods also contain only locally sourced cannabis which are divvied up through 10 breakable pieces to make dosing easy.  

Drip Ice Cream

Drip Ice Cream. Photo by Serra Cannabis

Medicinal ice cream tends to kick in quicker than the average edible, Drip Ice Cream comes in a regular 15 mg THC strength and a 75 mg THC extra strength dose, depending on the patient’s pain needs. Flavors include lavender Honey, cookies and cream, non-dairy coconut lemon zest and salted caramel. The milk options are all natural rBST free and all options are also non-GMO, use fair trade and local ingredients.

Toasted Jam Co.’s Toasted Padron Jam

Citrus terpenes mix with organic padron peppers in this tangy and smoky jam. A 2.5 oz, 150 mg THC jar also contains bits of CBD while also being gluten free and vegan. A serving is just a teaspoon and provides 10 mg of THC. Toasted Jam Co. lists sour Diesel Hawaiian Widow, a “green farmed” sativa dominant hybrid, as the strain used in the process.

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