Weed Munchies: The Best Foods when you’re High

We all know how weed munchies can drive you crazy, here are top picks for the perfect munchies to enjoy at the peak of your high.

While enjoying cannabis, a number of ideas can pour through your mind. Many of them involve snacking.

Here are top picks for the perfect munchies to enjoy at the peak of your high.


Despite the name, there’s no cannabis in Little Debbie’s Cosmic Brownies – at least not yet. However, after a couple of tokes and a few nibbles of the dark, chewy brownies topped with fudge icing and colorful candy-coated chocolate pieces, I promise you won’t care.


Cheap, convenient, and filling: pizza is a handy choice. Stay at home and hit your high while the delivery guy goes to work.


Popcorn is often the go-to snack when the munchies kick in, but nuts are actually better for you. Research indicates that omega-3 fatty acids in nuts attach to the cannabinoids in cannabis, leading to a faster and longer high. How cool is that?

Chili Dog

For many a stoner, the sweet spot is located at the intersection of hot chili and a quality dog. Burger King’s grilled all-beef chili dog comes highly recommended. While the chili isn’t fancy, there’s just the right amount of cheese for a tasty mouth experience.

Ice Cream

Depending on the stoner, an ice cream craving can come on hard and fast. While choices abound, our favorites are classic vanilla or double fudge.


For stoners who crave chips, there are a variety of flavors to fit your pallet. Pringles is the answer. Conveniently stacked in a red tube, they’re hard for stoners to lose, even when really high. For the health conscious, lightly salted Pringles taste just as good as the original recipe.


Before you dismiss chowing down on fresh fruit, consider this: the myrcene terpenes contained in mangoes binds with cannabis in your system, increasing your high. Feeling fruity yet?

I don’t know about you, but writing this article has made me REALLY hungry. Bon appetite!

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