What To Do When Catch Your Child Smoking Pot?

You're a real cool adult and a good parent as well. So what do you do if you catch your kid smoking weed? How do you even begin to deal with that?

When you were a teenager, you might have been a bit of a rebel. You certainly did things that your parents disapproved of. I know I did. I also know that when I was caught smoking weed by one of my parental units, they did not handle it the right way. So, what do you do when you catch your kid smoking weed?

Don’t Yell at Them

If you catch your kid smoking weed, don’t immediately assume that they are doing it just to rebel against you and piss you off. Just venturing a guess, but your teen might be depressed and cannabis probably helps them feel better. You remember how much being a teenager sucked, right? I’m in my thirties and I can still remember how hellish my adolescence was. Try talking to your child instead.

Don’t Deny Your Habit

Many of you might be tempted to go the “do as I say not as I do” route when you catch your kid smoking weed. I know that if my future children were to walk in on me mid toke, then my first reaction would probably be the Tony Soprano reaction “you didn’t see nothing, kid. Stay outta my business.” This is not a good route, however. Your kid probably saw you using cannabis at one point and they were able to put two and two together as they got older. If you catch your kid smoking weed and you deny it, then all that’s going to happen is you’re going to look like a giant hypocrite.

Don’t Tell Them Using Cannabis is Wrong

Many parents are also tempted to give the “drugs are wrong” lecture”, but this is not the right approach either. As mentioned above, you don’t want to be a hypocrite. There is nothing wrong with cannabis use in and of itself. Instead try informing your teen that cannabis use is the most beneficial after the age of 25, when the brain stops developing. Here’s a study that you can cite, if you need help convincing them. Hopefully then you won’t have to hear about your kid smoking until they are long out of college.

Give Them Reasons you Don’t Want Them to Smoke

When I say give them reasons, I don’t mean just telling them not to, because we all know that won’t work. Explain to them the repercussions of teen cannabis use. Cannabis can affect their developing brain. It can make them do badly in school, and if they get caught it can get them into a lot of trouble, legal state or not. A drug charge could affect their chances of getting into a good school.  It may also help to tell them that their use can get you into trouble. Whether they know it or not, you are looking out for their

If All Else Fails, Hide Your Stash Better

Look, we all know that when you catch your kid smoking weed, there is little that you can do to stop them. At the very least you should start keeping your stash in a safe and secure place, like a lock box. Make sure you’re the only one with a key, and keep that key hidden! Use the hiding skills that you developed when you were a teenager.

Do you have any other advice for parents in the same situation? How did you deal when you caught your kid smoking weed? Share with us!

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