Cannabis and Hollywood: 6 Celebs Who Are Officially Ganjapreneurs

Cannabis and Hollywood have a close long relationship. We dug deeper to find out which celebrities who are officially ganjapreneurs.

Cannabis and Hollywood

Weed is big business, and no one knows it more than the celebs who have taken the plunge and become our first official, Ganjapreneurs. Cannabis and Hollywood are taking the lead together. Check out some of the offerings from some of your favorite pro-cannabis cool kids.

Snoop Dogg

If you didn’t know, you must be under a rock. Snoop has been a pro-cannabis advocate since the moment he hit the scene. Like Tommy Chong and Willie Nelson, his brand focuses around his public declaration of love for the kind herb. It’s no wonder that Snoop made it official by launching Leafs by Snoop in 2015. His Colorado-based company offers eight personally curated strains sold in pre-packaged amounts, as well as edibles and concentrates.

Tommy Chong

From one of the frontrunners of cannabis culture, Chong’s Choice was a long-awaited launch from Tommy Chong. Referred to as “American’s Sweetheart of Cannabis,” Tommy is cashing in on the crop that made him famous. His brand of bud is available at dispensaries in compassionate states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington to name just a few. He offers a little of everything from flowers and oils to THC strips.

Willie Nelson

You can’t talk weed without Willie being in the picture. The Red Headed Stranger finally launched his own line in 2015 called Willie’s Reserve. It’s grown and sold in Washington and Colorado exclusively. True to form, Willie keeps it simple with MJ flowers, ready-to-rolls, vape cartridges, and disposable vape pens. Not to miss are Annie Nelson’s (Willie’s wife) hand-created chocolates, which were made legendary by all Willie’s friends.

Whoopi Goldberg

Score one for girl power! Cannabis and Hollywood is Whoopi. In a collaboration with super cannabusiness woman Maya Elisabeth, Whoopi has launched Whoopi & Maya. This medical marijuana company offers everything under the sun in the way of production with edibles, topicals, tinctures, and a very chic THC-infused bath soak to help soothe their cramps with a super soak like no other.

Wiz Khalifa

Another loud and proud advocate of quality kush, Wiz recently launched his own brand, Khalifa Kush. In addition to his singular favorite currently only offered in Vegas at the Reef Dispensaries, he also has his own rolling papers. While Wiz may not be offering a ton of selection, there is something to say about being loyal to one strain.

Melissa Etheridge

While fighting cancer in 2004, Etheridge used medical marijuana while undergoing treatments. Seeing how much it helped her, she decided to partner with Greenway Compassionate Relief in 2014 to create a cannabis-infused wine tincture, “Know Label.” Right now, you have to have a California medical marijuana card to enjoy this best-of-both-worlds combo.

In conclusion, cannabis and Hollywood go hand in hand. More and more celebs are open about their passion to the Ganja industry.

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