Best Strains to go With Your Games

If you're planning on playing some videogames, you're certainly going to want the right strains. So what are the right strains to go with your games?

Videogames and cannabis go together like wine and cheese, or peanut butter and chocolate.  The sense of relaxation you get from smoking a heavy indica goes perfectly with playing casual games such as Mario Kart. The focus you get from smoking a sativa allows you to harness the concentration needed to play strategy games like Call of Duty. So, how do you go about picking the best strains to go with your games? It really depends on what games you’re playing. Are you a casual gamer, spending less than a couple nights a week with an X-Box controller in your hand? Are you more of a serious gamer, a person with a Twitch account, who spends their time on various gaming subreddits, calling people “noobs” and complaining about ethics in gaming journalism? Do you wear a brace due to worsening carpal tunnel from being at the keyboard 24/7? Regardless of  what your gaming preferences are, one of these strains is bound to be perfect for you.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of those strains that is so visual you might think you’re walking around in a videogame anyway, so it makes sense that it’s one of the best strains to go with your games. This strain is also intensely relaxing, which helps with the rage that can sometimes (most of the time) accompany online gaming. The euphoria that accompanies this strain, makes it ideal for playing games that would normally frustrate you. The best games to play on this strain: any games that have an involved and complex storyline like the Final Fantasy series, Chronotrigger, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.


This sugary, chocolatey strain that tastes like your favorite cup of coffee makes the perfect gaming companion. This tasty treat tends to have more cerebral effects that lean more towards the euphoric and creative, so it’s a great strain for games that require creativity such as Minecraft. Chocolope tends to be the socially awkward gamer’s go-to strain for online gaming, because they find it to be really helpful in social situations, that would otherwise be way too stressful for them. The best games to go with this strain: Elder Scrolls, Osiris, and Marvel Heroes.

Green Crack

Green Crack is a highly energetic strain and euphoric strain that tends to have very few negative side effects. This of course earns it a spot on this list. Unlike the name would suggest, Green Crack is a bit more mellow. This is one of the most intellectually stimulating strains you can find on the market. This makes it the ideal strain for long term, serious gaming. Think Civilization, or Mass Effect..

Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is great for those days where you just want to relax and pull out the classic Nintendo console. This citrusy herbal delight will make you feel calm and floaty, thus making it this strain pair well with classic SNES games like Super Mario. It’s great for those times when you’ve had a rough day at the office and just want to turn off your brain and unwind. The best games for this strain: Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Mario Kart, Castlevania.

White Widow

One of the original hybrid strains, White Widow will give you small bursts of energy interspersed with increased focus and cognitive abilities. I find it the best for playing puzzle games like Portal. White Widow also makes playing shooting games like GTA V a blast.

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Did we miss any? What are the best strains to go with your games?

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