5 Fast Facts About Weed in Mexico

We all know that a lot of drugs comes from Mexico to United States. But what do you really know about weed in Mexico? Here is what you need to know.

From drug cartels to the infamous cannabis cannon, there’s a lot of curiosity surrounding weed in Mexico.

Here are five fast facts about weed in Mexico, for those curious about cannabis culture south of the border.

Weed In Mexico Is Totally Legal For Personal Use

For years now, the country’s health code has allowed for possession of marijuana for personal use. Up to 5 grams of weed is permissible under the health code.  Moreover, narcotics including cocaine and meth are legal up to 50 and 40 milligrams, respectively.

Medical Marijuana is Coming to Mexico Too

Mexico’s government is currently mulling over penal code changes first proposed at the U.N. Drug Policy Summit. These proposed changes would legalize the use of medicinal marijuana. Further decriminalization efforts for smaller quantities of the drug for personal use. The bill has since been passed by Mexico’s senate in December, although it must also pass Mexico’s lower house.

Quality Can Be Lacking

While Mexican cartels are seeking to output higher-quality weed to keep pace with U.S. demand, at least according to the DEA. The government organization wrote in the 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment that, the quality of weed in Mexico,  “is thought to be inferior to the marijuana produced domestically in the United States or in Canada.”

Mexican Weed Is Losing Its Value

March, 2016 data from the U.S. Border Patrol suggests that as northern competition mounts (Colorado, Washington, and California), Mexican marijuana values are dropping—from as much as $90 per kilo to as little as $30 in the last couple years.

Supply and Demand

While there is little hard data available due to the black market, key metrics such as marijuana field destruction and U.S. border interception numbers suggest Mexican marijuana production is dropping due to profit margin losses stemming in part due to legalization in the United States.

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