5 Facts About The Australia Weed Scene

Weed is popular in Australia with many toking on a daily basis. Want to know more about the cannabis scene down under? We've got a few fast facts.

Cannabis has long been associated with a certain type of person: the surfer stoner. The chill vibe of Australia epitomizes the stoner stereotype.

More than 300,000 Australians smoke bud on a daily basis and over 2 times that amount smoke consume cannabis weekly, statistics show.

Here are a few more fast facts about the weed scene Down Under.

No Jail Time

Recreational marijuana use is illegal in Australia, but unlike other countries (we’re looking at you United States of America), if someone is caught with an excessive amount of bud, they aren’t locked up for decades.

Instead, the nation has created measures to include providing diversion programs, and moving from criminal penalties to civil penalties such as fines for cannabis use.

MMJ is All Good

Last year, Australia legalized medical marijuana  on the federal level. While it’s now legal to grow cannabis plants, the nation is still working out the kinks on regulation and getting the green to the proper patients.

Go Australia! You’re still a thousand steps ahead of America!

The Original Spliff

Nicknamed ‘Cigares De Joy,’  marijuana cigarettes have been extremely popular in Australia dating back to the 1800s. These spliffs were used to treat an array of ailments providing relief for those dealing with symptoms brought on by  asthma, bronchitis, and influenza. It wasn’t just for sick people though. Artists, writers, and other users smoked weed too for inspiration!

Australia is Home to the Hemp Embassy

The town Nimbin in New South Wales has a culture surrounding weed; it’s home to the Hemp Embassy, founded by Michael Balderstone. Similar to the Woodstock Festival, attendees came to express their love of marijuana and once the cops showed up and tried to arrest them for smoking, the hippies started to riot.

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