Where Do You Store Your Cannabis?

Leaving your marijuana buds out leaves them dry and it can be hard to keep your weed fresh. We have gathered a list of the best ways to store your can...

It doesn’t matter if you have a gram in the medicine cabinet for the occasional migraine or if you’re a recreational smoker, everyone needs a place to store the stash. There are many different options to wear you choose to store your cannabis.

Leaving your precious buds out in the elements makes them dry which makes the quality bad. A range of things including, temperature, light and exposure to air can also diminish the quality and potency of  your cannabis within days.  However, with proper storage, you can store your cannabis for two to three years without any issue. This can save cannabis users lots of money.

Cannabis storage is expanding rapidly. If you’re looking for the best way to store your stash, check out these five recommendations for cannabis storage.

Sandwich Bags

While plastic is not necessarily the best way to store cannabis, there’s something nostalgic about a fat eighth rolled up in a plastic sandwich bag. While this is an easy and cheap way to keep your buds, only use it as a temporary solution for short-term storage.

Smell-Proof Baggies

A step up from old school sandwich bags, smell-proof baggies are available with resealable zippers, a dark side (to keep out light), lined in aluminum foil, and even have a child resistant option. These work great for small amounts and when you’re away from home. In addition, they are fairly affordable.

Glass Jars

One of the best solutions for long-term storage, glass jars keep cannabis fresh for up to three years, especially when kept in a cool, dark place. Use food-grade canning jars, which form an airtight seal, protecting your buds from oxidation.

Humidity-Controlled Containers

When you’re looking for something that’s really going to keep your herb tasting fresh, a humidity-controlled container is the way to go. Brands like CVault and Cannador offer airtight systems with ventilation and humidity control, giving your cannabis the perfect environment for long-term storage.

Aluminium Foil

When you’re really in a jam, grab some aluminium foil and gently wrap your buds in it. While not the strongest storage container, aluminium foil still protects cannabis from light, heat and air, keeping it as fresh as possible.

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