Vaping cannabis: A complete guide for beginners

Vaping cannabis has become very popular over the past few years, and for a good reason, there are many benefits to it. Here's a quick guide to vaping.

Vaping cannabis has become very popular over the past few years, and for a good reason: it’s a healthier, odor-free way to benefit from the magic of cannabis. Rolling joints and using bongs the old-fashioned way is effective, but vaporizing technology means that we can harness the benefits of cannabis in a whole new way.

If you’re used to smoking weed, or if you’re a novice cannabis user, the concept of vaping cannabis can be a bit of a mystery. Here’s a quick introduction:

What exactly is vaping?

Vaping is a way of consuming cannabis that differs to smoking out of a pipe or from a joint. While smoking marijuana involves burning the plant matter, vaping heats up the cannabis product without burning it. When the device heats up the cannabis, it turns cannabinoids into vapor so that you’re able to inhale it. It doesn’t produce smoke – only vapor.

How is vaping cannabis different to smoking cannabis?

There are lots of reasons why smoking is easier than vaping. For one, getting a vaporizer can be expensive or nearly impossible if you live in an area where cannabis products are prohibited. In this case, it can be easier to roll up a joint or use a pipe. It’s also less costly if you don’t smoke often.

That said, there are many reasons why it could be worth investing in a vaporizer. Most people agree that vaping cannabis is healthier than smoking. Smoking any product – even something as beneficial as marijuana – means that smoke is entering your lungs, and that’s not good for you. According to the available research, vaping reduces the amount of toxins and carcinogens that we usually inhale when we smoke weed. Since you’re not burning plant matter or paper, you’re not inhaling any ash. If you have a sensitive throat or lungs, vaping might be better for you.

Another benefit is that vaping produces less of an odor. Depending on the kind of vaporizing device you use, it will have a mild smell or no odor at all. This is super useful if you want to smoke discreetly. For this reason, vaping is often favored by people who use cannabis for its health benefits, as well as working professionals who want to consume weed during the day without smelling… suspicious.

Many vape enthusiasts say that the ‘high’ feels different when you vape as opposed to smoking. Some claim the high is less of an immediate head rush, and instead, it’s more relaxing and gradual. Some prefer the high from smoking, while others enjoy the high from vaping – it’s all a matter of personal preference.

What sort of devices can I use to vape cannabis?

There are three main types of vaporizers: vaping pens, portable vaporizers and stationary vaporizers.

Vaping pens are similar in concept to e-cigarettes.  In fact, you can modify an e-cigarette to vape weed, but we’d recommend getting a pen specifically designed for cannabis if you can. Vaping pens are great because they’re portable. You can use a USB port to charge pens, which is super convenient.

Portable vaporizers aren’t pen-shaped, but they also contain rechargeable batteries. They’re smaller and lighter than stationary vaporizers, making them perfect for people who travel often.

Stationary vaporizers have their benefits, too. They usually need to be plugged in to work. Although they’re not very portable, many people say they heat up more effectively, meaning they give a better hit. It’s often more comfortable to use a stationary vaporizer if you want to vape with others. Ultimately, the choice between pens, portable and stationary vaporizers is a matter of personal preference.

How do vaping devices work?

Some vaporizers allow you to use dried cannabis flowers – exactly as if you smoked it in a joint – while others use concentrates. Concentrates are oils or waxy substances that contain a potent amount of cannabinoids. A small amount of concentrates can pack quite a punch, depending on how strong it is. If you want, you can find CBD-based concentrates without THC. This will provide you with health benefits without making you high.

Vaping devices heat up the concentrates or flower enough to turn it into vapor, but not enough to actually burn the product. Some devices allow you to control the temperature of the vaporizer. The cannabinoids and terpenes – that is, the active ingredients in cannabis – enter the vapor without creating any smoke. Then, the vapor is directed towards the inhalation part of the device. You then inhale the vapor slowly, ingesting all the good stuff with none of the smoke.

Keen on trying vaping out for yourself? You can find vaporizing devices and concentrates in cannabis dispensaries. Many companies also sell their products online, which is an easier option for those of us who live far from dispensaries. There are a wide range of vaping devices out there, so shop around before you pick one.

Happy vaping!

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