Top 5 Tips to Roll the Perfect Joint

Rolling the perfect joint can be quite tricky. Therefore, we created a guide to master the technique to roll the perfect joint.

Starting the process of rolling the perfect joint is one of the hardest parts. These guidelines will make it easier.

Joints offer the opportunity to share with others, travel while smoking and if anything else, play into the nostalgic aesthetic of one of the best decades of all time – the ‘70s. The growing popularity and legality of marijuana usage has seen more recreational users openly partaking in the smoking. When you’re trying to get high and adventure around, joints are the best option. If there’s only limited time before the next smoking session, here are five tips for making the process as speedy as possible.

1. Be prepared to roll the perfect joint. 

This is probably the most essential step for the fastest joint rolling process. Much of what ends up taking so much time is looking for everything needed to begin with. Be sure to have plenty of ground up weed around (or if there’s no grinder, use a very clean penny and a pill vial or empty pop top). Having some crutches/filters folded ready to use as end-tips is also handy. Look for a nice “W” formation on the inside of the crutch to make sure it’s folded and rolled correctly. Hand sanitizer and a regular, circular pen could also be helpful depending on the rolling style.

2. Tear a curve.

If the harsh corners of rolling papers are off-putting, consider throwing a curve into the mix. Take the bottom, non-glue side of the paper and tear a curve into it, making somewhat of a tab. It’ll make it easier to tuck under the weed once the rolling process begins and it’ll get rid of the excess paper, making for more weed to smoke.

3. Put a boat on it.

There’s nothing worse than wasting a bunch of time (and weed) picking up the bits that fall out of the sides of the rolling paper as it’s being stuffed. Once the rolling paper is folded glue-side up and placed in the proper starting position, pinch and twist one of the corners to create a boat-looking effect of the paper. This way, it’ll be harder for weed to escape, and the twisty bit will double as the tip once it comes time to seal it up.

4. Arrange a shape for the type.

Knowing the size of your audience will definitely save some time by not rolling too much, or having to roll again if it’s not enough. If going into the next smoking session  alone or with one other person, line the bud up in the slender, sleek formation of a pinner. For a larger group, set the greens up in a small-to-large cone shape. Arranging the weed in the paper before rolling it up helps cut time spent getting the joint to be joint-shaped.

5. Be clean.

Handling those marijuana flakes, whether when breaking up buds without a grinder or just sprinkling them into the rolling paper, can make fingers very sticky. Trying to get a proper roll when the paper is clinging to your fingers is not only annoying but time consuming, so keep some hand sanitizer around. The alcohol in it helps quell the adhesive.

Though practice is the best hack of all, these are surefire ways to get you closer to lighting up. If all else fails, those little rolling machines make for a good backup plan.



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