New to Cannabis? Read this First.

New to Cannabis? Before you go out and start buying weed, check out our short guide on how to get more greens in your diet!

Are you new to the wonders of cannabis?  Not sure how to navigate the kind bud? Before you buy, check out this short guide to getting more greens in your diet!

Know the Laws

To avoid time in the pokey or consuming a dangerous product, understand the laws in your state. Here is a guide with all the details about legally enjoying cannabis in your state.

Start Slow and Low

When you are new to the bitter herb, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the choices now available. After all, this isn’t like your Uncle Stoner’s generation where you had the choice of a J (that’s a joint) or hash brownies. Cannabis is now consumer culture thanks to ever-widening legalization efforts. When smoking your herb, take it slow and wait between hits. Do one or two and then wait anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to measure the effect. Also, stick to strains with a THC level of 10-15% until you understand how your body reacts to weed.

Vape For A Smoother Ride

For those who don’t or can’t smoke their Mary Jane, try vaping. Vape pens are not only good at helping you measure your doses, but they are also incognito. They also remove the harsh cough from the equation and, no, you don’t need to “cough to get off” with weed. Leave that thinking in the Stone Age where it belongs.

Go Slow When it Comes to Edibles

Stick with smoking or vaping flowers to get your sea legs. Edibles and concentrates have different efficacy times and longevity, so it’s best to just smoke or vape until you understand how your body reacts to weed.

Location is Everything

Where you smoke is as important as what you smoke. Be sure you are in a safe environment and you are choosing a time of day that allows you to have a lot of flexibility. For instance, the best time to smoke marijuana for the first time is probably not before work, before a big date, or at your sister’s wedding. It’s also a good idea to have a weed wing-man (or lady) who will watch you on your high to make sure you don’t take too much and can order the pizza you’ll need later.

As always, practice your right to cannabis responsibly. Don’t do anything that could hurt yourself or other. Oh yeah, and enjoy!

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