How Terpenes Will Change The Way We Buy Cannabis

This is the 5th part of our Terpenes Guide. We explore Terpenes Research, Terpenes in Retail and a lot more, dig in to explore everything about terpen...

Once upon a time, people realized that if they smoked marijuana, they would encounter a unique sensation that we now call, getting high. Cannabis has been part of the human record going back thousands of years, yet it wasn’t until the 1960s that we finally understood why marijuana had such a profound effect. Or so we thought. Fast forward fifty years, and the marijuana research train is going full throttle into the future. Thanks to decades of research, we now know the terpenes, the essential oils found in cannabis, have as much impact on your buzz as the well known cannabinoids.


So what does this mean for both the industry and the consumer? For cannabis professionals whose aim is to find specific cannabis solutions for medicinal problems, their job became a whole lot easier. More understanding translates into better results. Cannabis scientists will take their knowledge of cannabinoids and terpenes and use it to find just the right balance for individual ailments. Once scientists know exactly what traits they need to treat specific medicinal problems, it then falls to the breeder to find the recipe.


Breeders will then take up the helm in their search for just the right strains to cross to get the exact result they are looking for. They will search for strains that have specific terpenes, as well as cannabinoids, in order to grow the perfect medicine. If a breeder is trying to craft a strain meant to treat epilepsy, they will seek out parent strains high in CBD, THC, CBG, as well as a number of terpenes including Linalool, and Alpha-pinene. There are endless combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes, which means that with a little fine tuning, breeders and cannabis scientists can craft strains to meet their exact specification.


For cannabis retailers, coming to grasp the importance of terpenes in cannabis is of utmost importance. Budtenders deal with the needs of the public directly, and coming to understand terpenes will help them better assess, and recommend strains to a public who may not be up on the latest research. If a patient is looking for a good pain reliever, knowing that strains high in Beta-Myrcene or Linalool like Granddaddy Purps or OG Kush, will become essential in order to fulfill the customer’s needs.


So do most people who walk into a dispensary know the ins and out of terpenes and how it will affect their purchase? Probably not. If you use cannabis for pain or any other medicinal reason, or if you simply enjoy the way particular strains make you feel, it never hurts to understand why. Terpenes are proving to be one of the most important aspects of the plant and have an enormous impact on every aspect of our experience, from the taste, to the smell, to the sensation. Coming to understand how terpenes interact with your body will help you determine just what strains will work for you.

This is the 5th part of our Terpenes Guide, Read More Here

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How Terpenes Will Change The Way We Buy Cannabis

This is the 5th part of our Terpenes Guide. We explore Terpenes Research, Terpenes in Retail and a lot more, dig in to explore everything about terpenes.

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