Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana

Ever thought about how to grow your own medical marijuana? If so, you should check out this grow guide to get some good tips and tricks.

Danny Sloat, founder of AlpinStash, began growing medical cannabis to treat his own ailments. For year, he suffered from chronic illnesses that required extended hospitalizations and multiple surgeries. As doctors could not determine the cause of his illness, they started treating him using opioids.

After his father insisted he get a medical card, Danny paid a visit to one of Boulder’s first dispensaries. After receiving a Grand Daddy Purple clone, Danny began to treat his ailments with cannabis. The results speak for themselves. By 2017, Danny was no longer taking any prescription pain medications and had lost 70 pounds.

History of AlpinStash

With his younger sister Emily and fiancé Murr, Danny turned his skills as an amateur grower into family-run full-fledged licensed Colorado recreational grow. Presently, AlpinStash harvests 3,000 square feet of indoor cannabis using state-of-the-art HVAC systems supplied by Surna. These plants are maintained using house crafted compost teas, live soil, and nutrient systems from Nectar for the Gods. Then the plants are harvested in small-batches to ensure the highest level of attention and quality.

Danny summarizes this care for detail. “Healthy plants help create healthy people, so at AlpinStash we focus on quality first. We use all organic, natural nutrients, zero chemicals and we hand trim our cannabis and glass cure it to perfection. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, we cultivate environmentally responsible cannabis in a way large scale competitors can’t accomplish.”

Recently,, AlpinStash entered into a new partnership with Front Range Biosciences, a cannabis biotechnology firm. In this partnership AlpinStash provides growing and breeding expertise, while Front Range Biosciences brings PhDs in organic chemistry and plant biology, plus a MBA from MIT. By applying tissue culture and micropropagation techniques, this collaboration creates a gold standard for plant propagation. Their designed goal is to create the healthiest and cleanest clone stock available on the market.

Learn how to grow your own medical marijuana

Danny’s advice for those who want to grow medical cannabis is to first learn how to garden and grow plants. He states, “If you can grow tomatoes well, you can learn how to grow cannabis well. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and it can be extremely challenging to separate the good advice from the bad advice. Find a grower whom you respect and see how they grow. For example, inquire about their techniques and the nutrients they use. Remember, the light quality and environmental conditions are the most important aspects of growing. Before you add or use any nutrient, make sure you know exactly why you’re using it. If the claims about it seem too good to be true, they probably are.”

He recommends those interested in his techniques check out his collection of YouTube videos. “My seed sprouting video, soil mixing video, and topping video are my best instructional videos.”

Those who want to start out small, High Times has this guide for how to grow just one cannabis plant in one’s house. Also, the Weed Blog offers this list of top ten rookie mistakes to avoid when growing cannabis.

Finding the Right Medical Cannabis Strain

Danny offers these suggestions for people searching for the right strain of cannabis to treat their particular medical condition. “As a starting point, I seek out other people’s advice and experience as to which strains are good for which medical conditions. This can be limiting, though. Many times the relief a particular strain provides seems to differ from person to person. However, I always go by whether a strain is relaxing or uplifting, what smells the best, and what the cannabinoid ratios are.” offers these suggestions for choosing the right medical cannabis strain. Also, the mobile app PotBot helps patients choose the medical cannabis strain that works best for their conditions.

Know the Law

Before starting to grow medical cannabis, be sure to check the law to ensure that one is in compliance with any state regulations relating to those who want to grow their own medical cannabis. This handy guide from Leafly offers a state-by-state guide to the laws for those who wish to grow cannabis at home for non-commercial use.

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Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana

Ever thought about how to grow your own medical marijuana? If so, you should check out this grow guide to get some good tips and tricks.

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