Five Lesser Known Terpenes Found in Nearly All Strains

There are so many terpenes out there and so many we don't know about. Here are five unknown terpenes, or lesser known terpenes found in nearly all str...

In our last feature on terpenes, the aromatic essential oils that give cannabis its incredible tastes and smells, we covered the most common. Now we shall take a look at some of the lesser known terpenes that are still largely found in most cannabis strains today. The more we come to understand about cannabis, the more we realize that terpenes have just as much impact on your buzz and overall experience as cannabinoids. It is this relationship between the two that science is coming to understand, allowing us to be more informed when it comes to our cannabis purchasing habits.


If you’ve ever sat down to a soothing cup of chamomile tea, the you are already familiar with alpha bisabolol. Various forms of bisabolol can be found in health and beauty products, particularly skin creams, as bisabolol is believed to have natural healing properties. The reality is it is an incredible anti-inflammatory, and can even improve kidney function. It is found in high amounts in strains like Gorilla Glue, Master Kush and many varieties of Diesel.


The one thing you will discover about terpenes is that they all have some level of anti-inflammatory properties. This is true for Delta 3 Carene, however, it takes healing a step further. Studies on the effect of D3C show that it is extremely adept in promoting healing in bone tissue. The implication is that it could eventually be used to treat bone diseases like osteoporosis. D3C is has a peppery spice flavor, reminiscent of basil or other herbs. Some even say it has a woody aftertaste. D3C is considered a secondary terpene and can be found in low quantities in most strains.


Borneol is a terpene whose medicinal uses have been known for centuries. Traditionally used in acupuncture, borneol was either ingested or applied topically. It has a cool and soothing aroma, often found in camphor or eucalyptus. Not often detectable in marijuana, but almost always present, borneol is a natural pest repellent. Terpenes aren’t just there to smell good. They always have a purpose, in this case, keeping bugs away. It is also a natural anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and can even help regulate coagulation in the blood.


Eucalyptol if you couldn’t tell by the name is what gives eucalyptus its minty effervescence. Much stronger than borneol, eucalyptol is commonly found in bay leaves, tea tree, and basil. Medically, eucalyptol has some amazing properties, It has been found to help treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease by decreasing the rate at which plaque is released by the brain. It has also shown promise in its ability to fight cancer cells. You won’t detect in much in marijuana unless you have the nose of a canine, but rest assured it’s in there. You will find higher than normal amounts of eucalyptol in strains like Headband and silver Shining haze.


You will almost never be able to detect terpineol in cannabis. Not because it isn’t there, but because it is often found paired with pinene, whose aroma and flavor are much more overpowering. It carries the scent of lilacs, clove, and even mild citrus. It is as relaxing as sounds. Medically it is often associated with being an anti-tumor fighting terpene. It was specifically noted to be exceptional in fighting lung cancer cells in the early stage. Terpineol is also hailed as an incredible anti-oxidant and may even in fact help stop teenage acne.

The more we learn about terpenes, the more we come to realize the important role they play in cannabis. While these secondary terpenes may not be often spoken of when one raves about their favorite strain, their contribution to the experience cannot be understated. Keep an eye out for our final article in our series on terpenes where we will explore how these essential oils will change the waywe buy cannabis moving into the future.

This article is part of our terpenes guide read more about terpenes here

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