Cannabis Grow Guide for Dummies – How to grow pot

As marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states both medically and recreationally, people are asking themselves how to grow pot? We got the ans...

How to grow pot? So if you are thinking about starting your own grow in your basement or spare room, there are a few basics you should know about. Cultivation indoors is about replicating the conditions your plants would normally find in nature. The great thing about indoor cultivation is that in many ways we are able to improve upon nature and fine tune our environment and nutrients. We’ve taken the time to put together this simple weed growing guide to familiarize you with everything you are going to need to get growing today.


There are a couple of things you need to know about your cannabis medium of choice. Whether or not you use actual soil or a medium like coco coir depends on the techniques you choose to employ. Organic cultivation requires real dirt. Good old fashioned soil is ideal for outdoor grows and greenhouses, however, you can use soil indoors if you plan on using only organic nutrients. Most indoor cultivators these days use coco coir, made from coconut husks. It is a neutral medium, meaning it doesn’t contribute to the nutrient levels or pH. It can hold up to ten times its weight in water and can be adjusted for aeration using other mediums like perlite.


Picking the right lights is a big decision. These days there are so many choices it can be hard to know if you are picking the right one. Finding the right light is all about balancing your needs with your budget. You can pick up your standard high pressure sodium lamp and adjustable digital ballast for under $1000. if you want to be cutting edge you can go with an LED or plasma. New technology is coming out all the time, which has the natural effect of driving down prices of older yet equally as viable products. Do some research on the pros and cons of the different technologies that are out there before you decide which is right for you.


In nature, plants are fertilized with the remains of decaying plant and animal matter. This is the basic concept behind organic cultivation. Hydroponic cultivation, which include the use of mediums like coco, typically utilizes elemental nutrient salts as their source of nourishment. You don’t want to mix nutrient salts and organic soil. Soil is teeming with microbes and fungi that play a vital role in your root system’s ability to absorb nutrients. Nutrient salts tend to kill these microbes, making an organic feed regimen a necessity in soil. Different strains will require a variance of feed mixes, so do your due diligence and discover the needs of your plants before settling on a recipe.


Your plants need a very specific range of environmental conditions in order to thrive. That means dumping some money into your existing HVAC or air conditioner. Once you add lights, you add heat. Heat needs to be controlled to a range of between 75 and 85 degrees, give or take, depending on who you ask. That means having an air conditioner that can handle the high temperatures of the lights. Ups and downs in temperature plus water will result in shifts in humidity and can cause condensation. These factors all need to be compensated for. Once your temps are under control, you may need a humidifier or dehumidifier to keep your moisture levels at around 45 percent. As you can see, cultivation is a juggling act of environmental factors.

Learning how to grow pot is all about understanding the intricate relationship between the plant, the soil and the environment. Just stick to the basis and you will be growing top shelf bud in no time. That’s how to grow pot.

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