TreatWell High CBD Tincture

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TreatWell High CBD Tincture Product Description

TreatWell is organic ethanol extraction tincture. Their method captures the full plant benefits (including the desirable terpenes) without the unwanted plant matter that other extractions push through such as waxes, fats and chlorophyl. The mix their cannabis extraction with MCT oil. MCT oil is a form of coconut oil which is healthy, easy to digest and blends evenly for consistent and accurate dosing. 1:1 CBD to THC Ratio Mildly psychoactive and targets certain cancers, severe pain relief, appetite stimulation, and topical skin conditions. 3:1 CBD to THC Ratio Very mildly psychoactive and targets auto-immune conditions. 20:1 CBD to THC Ratio Non-pyschoactive and targets neurological issues such as anxiety and epilepsy.

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