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img-121 Energy
  • 22% THC
  • 0.2% CBD
  • --% CBN
  • sep

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Tangie Product Description

Cannabis Cup favorite Tangie is a deliciously delightful sativa known for its energetic and clear headed high, and sweet citrusy taste. The strain tests on the average at 19 percent THC and can go as high as 22 percent, so some phenotypes are pretty strong. CBD content on the other hand only tests at 0.2 percent. Inspired by the Tangerine Dream strain, Tangie is another treat from famous Amsterdam company DNA Genetics. It was bred from California Orange and a strain of Skunk.

Tangie Strain Details

Tangie’s aroma is simultaneously sweet, tangy and citrusy, similar to that of California Orange. One whiff and you will think you’re walking through an orange grove in central California. Some phenotypes can be a bit skunkier, since this strain is a cross with Skunk. The flavor is similarly sweet and tastes like the first bite into an orange. There is also a hint of earthiness, a sign of Tangie’s Skunk genetics.

Tangie produces pretty balanced effects, so it’s perfectly fine to be consumed any point during the day, except right before going to bed. This strain is best when consumed in the afternoons at the height of your day. This strain can be pretty potent, so it is best for people with a higher THC tolerance.

Tangie Physical and Mental Effects

One of the reasons this strain is so popular is because it embodies all of the mental effects of a sativa strain and the positive physical effects of indica strains. You will feel uplifted, clear headed, and highiy euphoric. Your body and mind will both feel energized. This strain is valued for giving users more creativity as well. Tangie will stimulate your appetite, aka give you the munchies, If you are concerned about too much snacking, try consuming it before meals, or keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand. This strain carries some negative effects like dry eyes, some dizziness and slight tingling. It also causes killer cottonmouth.

Medical Uses for Tangie

Tangie has a few medical uses, such as for pain and lack of appetite. It is primarily used to treat conditions such as stress and depression. Tangie is excellent for when you feel a little fatigued and the day is dragging. If you are looking for some last minute inspiration, then this strain will be the muse you are looking for.

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