Sour OG

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  • 26% THC
  • 0.1% CBD
  • --% CBN
  • sep

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Sour OG Product Description

Sour OG is a popular half and half hybrid strain, that is well loved for its even balance of physical and mental effects.

Sour OG Details and Aesthetics

The strain was originally bred from two staples of the cannabis world: the popular sativa strain Sour Diesel and the ubiquitous OG Kush strain. The strain is sometimes referred to as 818 Headband. Sour OG was the winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup in the Michigan Hybrid category.

This strain is one of the few strains that are evenly split at 50% indica and 50% sativa. Sour OG is also quite potent. The average Sour OG phenotype tests anywhere between 19-21% THC. At its most potent this strain tests as high as 27%, so it’s probably one of the most potent strains that you’ll consume.

Sour OG plants are medium in height with large and thick green leaves. Cured buds exhibit characteristics of both sativa and indica strains. Sour OG Buds are of a medium thickness and tend to be on the fluffier side, rather than being densely packed. Buds range from neon green to the color of freshly grown summer grass. These buds are also garnished with spiky orange hairs and covered in crystal trichomes. It’s a pretty sticky bud, so you may want to use a grinder to break it up.

The most popular method for consuming Sour OG is smoking it, but it also works mighty fine in a vape too! This is one of those strains that is referred to as a “hit it and quit it” strain. No matter how high your tolerance is, you’ll probably be good after one or two hits. This strain is best used in the evenings, or first thing in the morning. It’s also good for a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Sour OG Physiological Effects

This strain is most favored for the balance between sativa and indica effects. You can expect to feel mostly relaxed, maybe even a little sedated. You can expect your limbs to feel a little heavy, but the rest of your body will feel pretty light and floaty, kind of like a feather floating on the wind.

There are a few negative effects, but not too many. Sour OG gives you pretty bad cottonmouth, worse than other strains, as a matter of fact. Make sure that you have plenty of water to drink when you are consuming this strain. You can also expect your eyes to feel a little dried out as well. Male users often experience an increase in heart rate. If you have a heart condition, you should probably stay away from Sour OG.

Sour OG Psychological Effects

The psychological effects of this strain really show this strain’s sativa genetics. Sour OG is a very euphoric strain. The euphoria hits you very quickly, and lasts longer than other strains. In addition to euphoria, you can expect to feel happy, calm and overall very centered. These effects also go well with the sense of focus and mental clarity, which usually hits you soon after the euphoria. Some users report that Sour OG is great for creativity.

This strain carries a few negative effects. Some users report feeling paranoid shortly after consuming this strain. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue, as long as you don’t consume too much. Some people find that the sedative power of this strain makes them feel mentally slowed down.

Sour OG is Often Used to Treat…

Sour OG can be used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, and is favored by medical users because of its potency and fast acting effects. The relaxing, sedative like physical effects make this strain particularly adept at treating chronic and debilitating pain. Women especially, find that this strain works very well for treating menstrual cramps. This strain is also great for people dealing with fatigue, despite the high not being very energetic. Sour OG is effective for treating psychological issues as well. Individuals suffering from depression and anxiety will find that their symptoms are instantly relieved and replaced with a sense of peace and well being. Some people like to use this strain for dealing with loss of appetite, though you probably won’t find yourself polishing off an entire sleeve of cookies, or anything like that.

Sour OG Flavor/ Aroma

Sour OG has a distinct aroma, which is indicative of its Sour Diesel roots. You can smell the almost overwhelming smell of gasoline, which might be a bit much for some. This aroma is balanced with the smell of different varieties of citrus fruits like lemon and lime. There is also a hint of pine, which becomes especially prevalent when the buds are broken open. If you are concerned about discretion, use caution when storing Sour OG.

This strain has a strong, yet palatable taste that is hard to describe. It has the same strong diesel taste of Sour Diesel, with earthy, yet sweet undertones. There’s nothing that it can really be compared to.

Sour OG is a strain that is definitely worth getting your hands on. It may not be the best for first time users, but you may find that it becomes a favorite of yours the first time you taste it.

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