Sour Diesel

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  • 19% THC
  • 0.2% CBD
  • --% CBN
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Sour Diesel Product Description

Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant strain at 90 percent sativa and 10 percent indica. Sour Diesel generally comes out at 19-25 percent THC, and 0.1-0.3 percent CBD. Sour Diesel was believed to be originally bred from the indica Super Skunk and the hybrid Chemdawg 9, but exact origins are unknown.

It was named for the pungent “diesel” smell that emanates from the buds of the cured flower. The strain can be grown easily either indoors or outdoors  in about 75-80 days.  Sour Diesel plants tend to end up fairly tall. Sour Diesel buds are not as dense, since they are sativa dominant, but the crop yield is above average. sour-diesel-1
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Sour Diesel Strain Details and Aesthetic Qualities

Sour Diesel has been a favorite among people who use cannabis medicinally as well as recreationally for many years.

As far as looks go, Sour Diesel buds tend to be bright green and more on the leafy side, with spiky pistols jutting out from the bud. Sour Diesel is not covered in as many trichomes (crystals) as other strains, but they are noticeably visible, especially if you are looking at the bud from the right angle.

Sour Diesel Flavor/ Aroma

Sour Diesel was named for the pungent aroma of the buds, which some said was similar to the smell of diesel fuel. Sour Diesel buds also give off a fairly strong citrusy smell, which helps to counteract the sometimes overwhelming diesel fuel smell. If you are concerned about residual smell, then I recommend storing Sour Diesel in an airtight container.

The flavor of Sour Diesel is similar to the smell; it’s a strong taste of citrus, fuel, and earthiness. Most agree that the taste is not as potent as the smell, which many consider to be a positive attribute of the strain. The aftertaste is pleasant and dissipates rather quickly. For these reasons, I would recommend this strain for first time users.

Sour Diesel Physiological Effects

Sour Diesel is a sativa that in some ways acts more like an indica, i.e., the physiological effects are closer to that of an indica. Users should expect a relaxing body high and a “floaty” feeling. Some users experience a lack of motivation to engage in physical activity, in what is commonly referred to as “couchlock”. However, this has not been my experience whenever I’ve consumed Sour Diesel.

When I’ve used it I typically felt lethargic within the first 10-15 minutes after consumption, and then I felt much more energetic. Overall, I would describe the physiological effects as uplifting. Results may vary depending on the method of consumption, for example, physiological effects may be more noticeable if consumed via edible.

Sour Diesel is notorious for causing dryness in the mouth, aka “cottonmouth”, so make sure that you always have fluids such as water nearby upon consuming Sour Diesel. Dry eyes is also common, so I would also keep eye drops on hand. Sour Diesel does not cause dizziness or any disorientation. Users don’t typically feel paranoid after smoking it. Consuming Sour Diesel with any alcoholic beverage is not recommended. Talk to your doctor before consuming cannabis, especially if you’re taking any medications.

Sour Diesel Psychological Effects

Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant strain, so there are more psychological effects than physiological. Effects of the strain are very cerebral, but not intense in any way. Sour Diesel in general gives the user a feeling of euphoria that can last for several hours if taken in edible or tincture form. Sour Diesel always made me feel carefree and easygoing, which certainly helps in social situations.

If you tend to be more of an introvert, I would recommend using Sour Diesel before going into social situations. I’ve personally found that this strain makes it much more difficult to absorb the negative energy of others.

Some have reported that while Sour Diesel makes one a little more aware of their surroundings, it does make it a little difficult to stay focused The feeling of optimism that accompanies Sour Diesel makes it a popular strain to smoke first thing in the morning. Sour Diesel is the perfect “Greet the Day” cannabis strain.
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Sour Diesel This Strain Is Often Used To Treat...

Sour Diesel is a favorite among patients who use medical cannabis. People who use Sour Diesel medicinally are most likely using it to treat both anxiety and depressive disorders. The euphoric and uplifting effects that one gets from using Sour Diesel really help with aspects of depression like feeling like you can’t get out of bed in the morning, or having trouble staying motivated enough to complete daily activities.

Sour Diesel is also great for shy people dealing with intense social situations that would normally make them freeze up. This makes it great for parties and other social gatherings, though you should not overdo it because this would be impolite to your host.

Sour Diesel is not a strong analgesic, so I wouldn’t use it as a painkiller. There are other strains more well-suited for that. I would say that Sour Diesel is overall best used like like a morning cup of coffee. It’s great for a quick pick-me-up to get the day started right.

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