Pineapple Express

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  • 16% THC
  • 0.2% CBD
  • --% CBN
  • sep

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Pineapple Express Product Description

Pineapple Express is a fairly potent hybrid strain, which was bred from the sativa strain Hawaiian and the popular hybrid strain Trainwreck.

Pineapple Express Details and Aesthetics

Pineapple Express is probably best known outside of the cannabis community because of the movie Pineapple Express, starring popular comedic actors Seth Rogen and James Franco. This strain was well known by cannabis users prior to the movie because of its deliciously fruity taste and smell. In the movie the strain is portrayed as incredibly powerful. When the main characters would smoke the strain, they would become the archetypical stoner goofball. The real strain is pretty potent, but it’s not going to turn you into a drooling, useless, stereotype.

Pineapple Express has a fairly high THC content. It averages anywhere from 16-20% THC, but at its most potent has tested as high as 26%. Pineapple Express has a fairly high CBD count of 1.10%, when the average is usually 0.5% or lower in some cases. The strain leans more towards sativa, but is split pretty evenly between sativa and indica. It can be referred to as both. People who use Pineapple Express prefer to smoke it overall, but this strain is also popular in edible form. This might be because the effects of this particular strain take a little longer to take effect than other strains.

Pineapple Express is has some rather unique aesthetic characteristics. Cured buds are lumpier and oblong shaped, a departure from the typical cylindrical shape of other strains. Buds are bright green in color and adorned with spiky bright orange hairs. Some phenotypes come out looking more red in color, due to the type of climate they are grown in. This strain is dusted in a thick layer of trichomes, which make them sparkle in the sunlight. This strain is pretty sticky overall, you may want to use a grinder for breaking up these buds.

Pineapple Express Physiological Effects

First of all, you should be aware that the effects of this strain (especially the physical) take longer to kick in than other strains. First time and inexperienced users should definitely keep this in mind when consuming Pineapple Express. The physiological effects of this straIn are quite well balanced between indica and sativa. You can expect to feel uplifted, relaxed, and perhaps a little lethargic. Some may feel energetic at first, but Pineapple Express is an overall more relaxing strain than you may be expecting. This is a great strain for attaining an overall body buzz. This strain does not give you as severe cottonmouth as other strains, but you should still make sure that you are well hydrated when consuming this strain. Pineapple Express can make some female users feel spouts of dizziness, but these are uncommon; as long as you don’t consume too much at a time.

Pineapple Express Psychological Effects

Pineapple Express is not as euphoric as other sativa leaning strains are. Users can expect to feel a nice light mix of calmness and happiness. This strain is known for giving users a burst of creativity, and it may make you more talkative as well. As such, this is a great strain to be used when entertaining guests, and it also works well for when you’re planning on having a relaxing afternoon. Pineapple Express gives you a little bit of energy, but not as much as other strains. This is a better strain for unwinding, rather than getting up and going. The psychological effects of this strain are not as strong as others, so paranoia and anxiety are not really an issue.

Pineapple Express is Often Used to Treat…

Pineapple Express is often used to treat afflictions like depression and anxiety. It also works really well for treating headaches, including and especially migraine headaches. It’s also not bad for easing the effects of a hangover. T is The strain is good for stimulating the appetite as well as dealing with nausea, making this strain especially well liked among cancer patients. The strain makes an adequate pain reliever, though the effects are not as strong nor as consistent as other strains.

Pineapple Express Flavor/ Aroma

Pineapple Express has a distinct aroma characterized by a sharp skunky smell that is almost overpowering, but is nicely balanced out with fruity, citrusy accents. This strain has a much sweeter and more exotic taste that some say compares to a fruity drink at a Hawaiian luau or some other tropical paradise. There is of course, the strong taste of pineapple where this strain gets its name. There are other fruity flavors contained within such as mango and lemon. The aftertaste is sugary and the smoke is thick. Smoke from Pineapple Express can be a bit harsh, so make sure that you have water nearby in case of a coughing fit.

Pineapple Express is not the strongest strain there is, but the effects are pleasant, relieving, and not at all overwhelming. As such, this strain is great for first time users, but it’s also enjoyed by the more seasoned smokers. Lastly, if you get a chance to eat edibles containing this strain, you should absolutely take it.

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