NEWS and INFO (updated 1/11)

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NEWS and INFO (updated 1/11) Product Description

Hello everyone - have questions regarding what's coming up at Calyx? This section will help keep you in the loop with your collective! ::::: (1) It's been awhile since the last update hasn't it? Well there are several announcements for the day so read ahead.....First, a new drop of Str8organics premium organic flowers is in stock here at Calyx. For you, our patients and friends, we have Starburst OG, Cookie Dough, Pineapple Thai, and two that you'll have to ask about (they're not on the menu)! Also from Str8organics is the flavorful and mightily potent Cherry AK shatter and his High Times Cannabis Cup winning CBD sap. :::::: (2) Alpine Live Resin Syringes and Cartridges are now available in the following strains: Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, Jack Herer and Girl Scout Cookies! Get them while they last as they are limited! :::::: (3) The CLEAR wax is currently sold out with the exception of Banana Cream but worry not, supplies will return next week. :::::: (4) New Elicit Labs strains in stock! Lamb's Bread, Hardcore OG, Afghan Kush, Jedi OG, Deadhead OG, Blue Dream and Cherry Pie are now available! :::::(5) New Xtractology flavors are now available: Cherry Kola Sap, Cherry Lemonade, Lost Coast OG, and Original Sour Diesel Sugar Wax (GOLD LABEL); Cherry Kola Shatter, Cherry OG, and Lemon Deisel (BLACK LABEL)--- Get them whille they last! ::::: (6) Kali Caps are now available here at Calyx: THC Caps (30mg), Broad Spectrum CBD caps and THC-A (Non-Psychoactive) caps ::::: (7) CALYX COLLECTIVE will now be closing at 8:00PM

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