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Jack Herer Product Description

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Jack Herer Strain Details and Aesthetic Qualities

Sativa dominant Jack Herer is named after the famous author and cannabis activist Jack Herer the author The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a book that is often cited in arguments favoring cannabis legalization. Jack Herer was originally bred in Amsterdam by Sensi Seeds in the early nineties from a Haze hybrid, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk. The strain tests at 24% THC, and 0.12% CBD. Jack Herer has been used to breed many new strains. Jack the Ripper, Jack Skellington, and Jack’s Cleaner were all bred from Jack Herer. The strain has been the recipient of many awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup on nine separate occasions. The strain has long been recognized as a potent and effective medicinal strain.
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  Jack Herer can be grown either indoors outdoors, but it fares best when grown outdoors in a warm, dry climate. Jack Herer takes between 50-70 days to mature and flower. Plants grow better when allowed to grow freely, rather than in pots. Plants tend to grow fairly tall, as sativas tend to do. Plant yield is medium. Buds are typically pale yellowish green, dense and round, making it appear more like an indica than a sativa. Buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes, making it sticky to the touch. This is another strain where you will want to use a grinder prior to smoking or vaping.

Jack Herer Flavor/ Aroma

Jack Herer smells earthy and piney, with a nice hint of citrus. Though strong, it’s quite a refreshing aroma. The odor is not as not pungent as other strains, and shouldn’t permeate any storage container you’re keeping it in. I would recommend this strain for people who are sensitive to stronger smells. Breaking apart buds however, unleashes the full power of the delicious aroma that is Jack Herer The flavor of Jack Herer is a bit different than the smell. It tastes more like herbal tea with  more than a hint of lemon. The flavor is partiularly delicious when it is vaped. The smoke dissipates pretty quickly, leaving the room with a fresh, almost floral scent. The smell is not instantly recognizable to people who aren’t familiar with it. After the smoke clears out completely, you can barely tell anyone was smoking in there. All of these factors including flavor and aroma are reasons why Jack Herer remains one of the most popular cannabis strains of all time.

Jack Herer Physiological Effects

Jack Herer has a pleasant balance between the physical and mental effects, another reason for its popularity. This strain gives you quite a bit of energy, much more than other strains. This makes it particularly well-suited for consuming before doing something like housework or yard work. This strain does however, give the user intense dry mouth, so make sure that you have a glass of water handy when smoking or vaping it. This strain is not particularly appetite inducing, it won’t give you “the munchies.”This strain pairs very well with any workout routine, whether it consists of yoga, cardio, or weight lifting. The strain is very uplifting, and it doesn’t make the user’s extremities feel heavy or slow. Those who use it feel remarkably in control of their bodies.

Jack Herer Psychological Effects

Jack Herer makes the user feel anywhere from calm and happy to extremely euphoric. The high is also much more clear headed than other strains. This makes it easy to converse with friends and/or deal with crowds. Jack Herer is also a great strain for creativity, making it a favorite of artists of all types. This is a good strain to use to introduce people to cannabis, particularly if they are wary of it. Since Jack Herer makes users feel energetic, motivated, and creative, this is a great strain for consuming when you first start your day. Some users may experience a small amount of paranoia, but this is not common.
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Jack Herer This Strain Is Often Used To Treat…

Jack Herer is used to treat a number of both physical and mental medical conditions, which is why it remains a favorite of medical marijuana patients. The strain is particularly effective in treating chronic pain, especially since patients don’t feel heavy and slow after consuming it. This strain is also effective in treating depression and dealing with stress. Jack Herer lets you feel all of your problems melting away. It is not recommended that you use Jack Herer to treat insomnia. It’s also not that effective at stimulating appetite. Vaping Jack Herer, or taking it in edible form has been known to help patients suffering from asthma, but you should always consult your doctor first. Jack Herer is a fan favorite among both recreational and medical cannabis users. It gives the user a nice balance of physical and cerebral effects, while still allowing them to complete daily activities.

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